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5 reasons why your hair colour changed on its own

The change in hair colour could be because of the sun rays.

Written by Tania Tarafdar | Updated : January 6, 2017 7:23 PM IST

Reasons Your Hair Colour Changes Naturally

If you have noticed that your hair colour has changed without even using a dye, know that it is not uncommon and it can change on its own. Hair and beauty expert Janet Fernandez explains to you why your hair has a new hue and it is not just because you are ageing.


Heat: Frequently using heating tools will not only damage your hair strands but also cause your hair colour to dull over time. So be sure to lower your heat settings on an adjustable heat tool.

Sun Rays

Sun rays: Sunlight can reduce the melanin in your hair and fade out the colour making it look light. Your skin can regenerate melanin after UV damage, but your hair can no longer produce melanin.  Also Read - Signs Of Drug Abuse in Teenagers


Genetics: If you have already noticed your first grey it could be because your dad or mum has grey hair. Genetics determine your hair colour and texture and can be a substantial factor behind how your hair will age.