Daily Make-up tip: 5 not-so-harsh ways to remove make-up (Slide Show)

Remove your make-up with much ease using baby oil, cold cream, rosewater and milk.

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Easy Ways To Remove Make-up At Home

If you find your skin burning with those rather foamy and harsh make-up removers then you should definitely use one of these items. Here are 5 easily available and not-so-harsh ways to wipe your make-up clean.

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Baby Wipes For Make-up Removal

Baby wipes – If you are falling short of a make-up remover and want to be absolutely safe on your skin, get hold of some baby wipes. These are a rather gentle option for those with sensitive skin and for those who are prone to skin breakouts.

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Baby Oil For Mascara

Baby oil – Even if you have wiped your eye make-up thoroughly, you will always find your mascara stay behind. A few drops of baby oil can smoothly wipe off mascara with a cotton swab.

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Moisturising Milk Remover

Cleansing milk – Looking for a moisturising make-up remover? Try some raw milk. Milk is great for your skin and can clear those heavy eyeshadow pigments in no time. This is effective for mascara removal too.

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Wash With Cold Cream

Cold cream – If you have a preferred cold cream suited for your skin type, apply it all over your face. Let this stay on for a few minutes. Then, dip a wash-cloth in water and wash off the cream. Your skin will feel clean and refreshed.

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Rose Water

Rose water – Another mild and natural option is rose water. It is a toner and an astringent combined. Just dip a cotton ball in some rosewater and coconut oil (optional) and dab it gently over your skin to get rid of the make-up.