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5 hair myths busted by an expert!

Debunking the common hair myths!

Written by Aishwarya Iyer | Published : June 21, 2018 6:25 PM IST



Myths about hair are very common. Dr Apratim Goel debunks some common myths for us!



Excessive shampooing leads to hair fall: No! 'Hair fall, especially sudden increase, can mean a stress or lowering of body immunity. In fact, adding few drops of essential oils to shampoo like lavender or rose oil, are great stress relievers to scalp.' Also Read - When And How To Do Postpartum Exercises?


Hair Colouring

बालों को रंगने व हाईलाइटिंग करना हो तब भी टूथब्रश बड़े काम की चीज है।


Greying Hair

Gray hair increases when you pluck them:Many will argue on this one- That they experienced itpersonally. 'Let me tell you, when hair start graying, it occurs fast and don’t blameit on your plucking.Graying of hair is an ageing process of the hair and is multifactorial.' Also Read - Preventive Health Check-Ups: Need And Importance


Shaving Head

Shaving the head increases hair growth: It is a ritual to shave hair of the newborn in many parts of India and the deep rooted belief that this causes good hair growth. There is no truth in this myth. Most male baldness is inherited.