Avoid using these skincare products in winter

When it gets chillier outside, use skincare products that hydrate and moisturise your skin and avoid the ones that dry out your skin.

Written by Longjam Dineshwori | Published : November 10, 2020 5:54 PM IST


Although winter brings the craving for hot beverages while you sift through your closet for some warm and fuzzy clothes, the weather also leaves your skin feeling dry and itchy. Therefore, staying on top of your skincare routine in winter is essential, and one can certainly not miss the inclusion of a moisturizer while speaking of a good skin-care regimen. A good quality moisturizer not only keeps your skin hydrated but also protects it against harmful UV radiation and different pollutants present in the environment. However, a common concern while picking moisturizers is that they blend separately into your skin or leave a cast on your skin. While many moisturisers are available now, the gazillion options can baffle you. On behalf of Cetaphil, Dr Sama Rais shares five checkboxes you should keep in mind while picking a moisturizer for your skin.

Beauty-toners To Avoid For Dry Skin-THS

Alcohol-based toners: Avoid toners that have high alcohol content as they can strip moisture from your skin, leaving it dry. Over time, use of these products can weaken your skin's natural barrier, and make it more vulnerable to environmental stressors like UV radiation.  Also Read - Male Fertility: 8 Foods That Can Boost Sperm Count

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Clay masks: The face masks that work wonders during the summer may turn out to be your skin’s enemy. If you have been using clay masks, decrease the frequency or avoid it altogether during winter as these can be dry out your skin, especially if you already have dry skin.

Face Scrub

Exfoliators: You can continue to exfoliate your skin even in winter too, but don't overdo it. Over-exfoliating can really damage your skin barrier.