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Add these 5 foods to your dough to make your rotis healthier

It is an excellent way to sneak more nutrition in your regular diet.

Written by Shaloo Tiwari | Published : August 9, 2017 3:47 PM IST



Chapattis are a part of almost every Indian home's staple diet.It is rich in nutrition and is sumptuous. Here's how you can make your regular chapattis healthier by kneading it with these items instead of water:



Dal: Use you leftover dal from the lunch to knead the chapatis for dinner. It is easy, and dal has amazing nutrition, that can make your regular chapattis healthier. Various health organisations recommend a daily intake of dal for a good health [1].  Also Read - Arka To Jati: 10 Remarkable Benefits Of These Herbs And Leaves



Spinach juice: All you have to do is grind fresh spinach in the mixer, strain its juice and use it to knead your regular chapatti dough. And if your child doesn't like the taste of spinach it is an excellent way to sneak into his/her diet. Spinach is rich in iron and flavonoids and is great for your cardiovascular health[2].



Milk: You know a glass of milk goes a long way. But if you don't like milk you can knead your chapatti with it. Milk is rich in calcium and is considered an excellent source of protein too[3]. Since milk doesn't have a strong taste, it might not alter the taste much.  Also Read - PM Modi To Inaugurate Three National Ayush Institutes On Dec 11



Beet root juice: Many don't like eating beet root, even though it is rich in antioxidants and is great for blood pressure[4]. It is associated with prevention of cancer too. Just knead your chapatti dough with beet juice and make hot chapattis. The colour of the chapattis might change but the taste won't change much.