A Deeper Dive Into Adaptogens: Key Properties Of Herbs In The Collection

"Adaptogens are ideal for promoting holistic wellness since they restore your body to homeostasis", explains Mr Avnish Chhabria, Founder of Wellbeing Nutrition.

Written by Tavishi Dogra | Updated : September 26, 2023 5:13 PM IST

Adaptogens: A Group Of Herbs

Unsurprisingly, the world of wellness is continuously changing, with ancient traditions blending seamlessly with modern technology. The use of adaptogens, a group of herbs recognized for their ability to help the body, is one of the latest trends that has received much attention.

So, Why Adaptogens?

Traditional medical practices like Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine have long used these natural miracles. They possess unique properties that enable the body to respond better to various stressors, whether they are physical or emotional. Adaptogens are ideal for promoting holistic wellness since they restore your body to homeostasis. Also Read - 10 Nutritious Foods That Can Help You Get Defined Abs

Natural Solutions

For example, they lower or raise cortisol levels depending on stress or fatigue. As health-conscious consumers turn to natural solutions, many brands have included these adaptogens in their supplements.


It is another famous adaptogen revered for its potential to support hormonal balance and ease menstrual discomfort, making it a valuable addition to improving women’s overall health.


It is well known for its role in female reproductive health; meanwhile, Milk Thistle promotes liver health as its detoxifying properties help in cleansing and supporting the liver's functions.

Tea Consumption

While plenty of supplements incorporate these adaptogens, Wellbeing Nutrition decided to go further and incorporate them into everyone’s beloved ritual: tea consumption.

Daily Tea Routine

Forging a seamless link between tradition and modernity, the Wellness Tea collection caters to the body's needs and entices the senses. Your daily tea routine can be a delightful sensory experience and a mindful ritual curated to nourish your body. Also Read - Superfoods For Men: Do Not Miss Out On These 8 Nutrients Sources