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5 ways to detoxify your body

Written by Juhi Kumari | Published : December 29, 2018 4:14 PM IST


If you are looking for a way to shed the extra weight that you have gained during the festive season, detoxification is what you need to do. It is basically cleansing of blood for which you can opt for green tea, sip on warm water with lemon, increase your fibre intake, and add aloe vera and cucumber juice in your daily diet. Consuming these will help you flush out toxins from various parts of the body including lungs, kidneys, intestine and skin. Eventually, your immunity will be strengthened. Notably, during the process of detoxification, you need to limit your caffeine intake as it tends to interfere with your body’s process of absorbing nutrients. Moreover, alcohol, junk food, spicy, oily, and processed foods should also be strictly avoided. And, most importantly, you must indulge in regular exercise as it will be useful in flushing out the toxins.

Drinking Water

Drinking water: Keeping your body hydrated helps get rid of toxins. Water is known as river on which our good health flows. It carries nutrients to our cells, aids digestion by forming stomach secretions, flushes body wastes, and keeps our kidneys healthy.


Aloevera-juice: Aloe vera used to be known as the plant of immortality during ancient era. It is the most natural way of cleansing our body. Aloe vera helps the organs to ease their workload of battling serious and harmful chemicals the enter our body.  Also Read - Amrita Rao's Birthday: 10 Beauty Tips By RJ Anmol's Wife


Fibre: Eating fibre rich foods like whole grains, oats, fruits, vegetables, and seeds will help the body get rid of the bloating and will keep the body full for a longer period of time.