5 Reasons Why Alcohol Causes More Anxiety As You Get Older

Why do you feel more anxious when you drink?

Written by Kinkini Gupta | Updated : November 25, 2023 4:19 PM IST


What Is Hangxiety?

Drinking is fun but not when you are older. As you get old, your body's capacity to tolerate alcohol reduces and it can cause certain symptoms and health problems. Your liver becomes weak and cannot handle liquor and you may face increased symptoms of anxiety after drinking. But, why does this happen?


Decrease In Neurotransmitter GABA

The GABA neurotransmitters age impacted with both age and alcohol consumption. When you are drinking heavily GABA stops working as a depressant, the levels get depleted in the brain and results in tension and anxiety.


Long-Term Effects On Serotonin Levels

Drinking a little bit is fun but as soon as you start to drink heavily and on a regular basis, it will affect your mood especially if you are above 40. The more we drink the more our body gets used to the temporary happy feeling. This can lead to a permanent disruption of serotonin production. This means that when you are not drinking, you will either feel stressed, anxious or depressed.


How To Prevent This?

The only way to prevent all of these symptoms and problems is by not drinking or drinking less. Another quick tip, if you love drinking but want the detrimental effects to be minimal, you can try one or two glasses of wine. But, stop drinking hard liquors like vodka, whiskey or gin.  Also Read - The Impact of Alcohol on Women's Health: Unveiling the Hidden Risks