5 natural remedies to relieve your baby’s constipation

Constipation can be very uncomfortable for your baby, but it can be easily cured with natural remedies. Here are 5 best home remedies to ease your baby's constipation.

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Worried about your baby’s constipation? There’s nothing to panic about as it is very common among babies. A breast-fed baby may pass stool every other day, whereas a formula-fed baby may pass stool multiple times in a day. We know constipation can be very uncomfortable for your baby, but it can be easily cured with natural remedies. Your baby’s constipation may be caused by many factors such as the kind of milk, solid foods, medications, infections and high-fat foods. Doctors advised avoiding bananas, carrots, rice and cereals if your baby is suffering from constipation. Not getting enough water or milk may be another reason behind your baby’s constipation. Instead of treating your baby’s constipation with laxatives, try some natural remedies first. There are a few home remedies that can help your child pass their bowel movements. However, consult a doctor, if the condition persists.

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Prune Juice: It is a natural laxative that can help soften your baby’s stool and it easier to pass. But use this remedy for children older than 6 months.

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Tomato: Tomatoes also have laxative abilities. For children older than 6 months, tomato juice can be included in their daily diet to maintain healthy bowel movements.

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Stomach Massage: This is the best remedy for babies as old as 4 weeks. Gently massage your baby’s belly with mustard oil or coconut oil in a clockwise direction. This can help reduce discomfort, pain and tummy tightness.