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5 Bollywood celebrities reveal their beauty secrets

Despite their busy schedule, Bollywood divas always look perfect when they step out. Lets dive into the beauty regimen of these divas.

Written by Longjam Dineshwori | Updated : March 13, 2020 12:54 PM IST



I have got some bold lipstick shades and liners, want to try? Hello! Don’t ever say that again or think of sharing your beauty products with others. It may sound mean to not let your friend use your makeup, but you will be actually protecting yourself and her from serious infections such as pink eye or even herpes. Everything from its wet formula to dark containers, makeup is a perfect breeding ground for germs. Your foundation sponge, makeup brushes and even lipsticks may be carrying dirt, oil and bacteria. Now think about these contaminated products touching your flaky skin, chapped lips, and popped zits. If it doesn’t affect you skin, your friend may not be so lucky. Similarly, when you use other’s makeup, you will be putting your skin at risk of infections. Trading makeup can even lead to spread of diseases. So, next time you think of swapping lipsticks, consider all these possible risk factors. And always keep your makeup to yourself. Here are some beauty products you should stop sharing with others –



Sonakshi Sinha: She also swears by home remedies. She uses turmeric milk to clean her face. A face scrub made of almonds, clove and milk is her all-time favourite. The actress massages her face with ice regularly to remove open pores.



Priyanka Chopra: This desi girl has become a global beauty icon. What her secret? Priyanka strictly follows the C-T-M routine. One of her easy facial masks uses yogurt as the key ingredient. Just mix equal parts of yogurt and oatmeal with turmeric. Apply the mixture and leave for half an hour and wash off with lukewarm water. Priyanka Chopra does this regularly to brighten her skin.  Also Read - Beauty In A Cup: Herbal Teas Can Detox, Rejuvenate And Bring That Elusive Glow To Your Skin Too



Shilpa Shetty: At her 40s, she still looks as radiant as the newcomers. The secret- she never uses soaps on her body. She relies on baby oil or coconut oil to remove makeup.