Why Indrani Mukerjea makes me a worried mother

Are you worried how Indrani Mukerjea's story is affecting your kid? Me too!

Indrani Mukerjea is a hot topic these days. There are jokes about her on social media, opinions and access to bits and pieces of her grand life on TV, online and everywhere you go. While most of us are reading about her and discussing her cunning ways over a cup of tea with friends and peers, it is definitely having a detrimental effect on the minds of young children. Especially, those who have easy access to WhatsApp and Facebook.

Now, this news no matter how shocking it is can be viewed by young children in a different light and they might end up interpreting the whole thing in a different way. And as parents we might not be able to do much. You know by now that we cannot do much to curtail the influence of social media on their lives.

Recently, after reading the story of Indrani Mukerjea, a tween asked his mother, 'Tell me mom whom can I trust now. If a mother can kill her daughter, who can I trust?' In another incident shared on the social media, a mother states that her teenage daughter was livid when she didn't allow her to wear red lipstick. She thought her mother was cunning and cruel like Indrani Mukerjea, who didn't love her daughter.

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Well, these incidents make one thing clear that such shocking real life stories can rock the boat with your teen or tween because it is not always a smooth sailing relationship. An age where a child is more enthusiastic to experiment and explore, parental boundaries are bumpers. Children fail to realise that those are steps taken by parents to ensure their safety. And news like this, which highlights the fact that a mother can take the life of her own child, can make a lot of questions run through young minds, like whether they are loved or not.

I am happy that my child has not reached that stage where she understands news and get affected. But I constantly fear how I will handle her questions or reactions to such incidents if she ever comes across these when she grows up, because I have my doubts if the world will ever become a better.

This made me think how a parent can handle such situations where the child starts getting suspicious about the parent.

Communicate: If your child is tense or the news has made an impact on her, try and talk it out with her. If she is the first one to initiate the conversation, don't brush it off. Even to her questions like, 'Are mothers bad?' Don't snap. Handle it in a calm and mature way. Probably you can say, 'No they are not, they are a child's saviour,' and also explain how every person has a darker side to them. This might also be a chance for you to explain your little one that trust shouldn't be placed on anyone easily and why self-reliance is necessary.

Embrace: Not only your infant or toddler, grown up children need more of physical touch and warmth. Hug and tell your little one that she is safe and secure with you. Especially, if you had to discuss a delicate mother-daughter relationship like Indrani's.

Love: Yes tell your child 'I love you' as much as you can. This one thing can help your little one feel secure and safe and loved even more. Remember, your actions are not enough; your child no matter what age, needs the assurance of words.

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