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Which of these 9 reasons is making your baby cry?

Know about all those reasons that make your baby cry

Written by Debjani Arora |Updated : September 26, 2014 10:57 AM IST

crying babyWe all know that babies cry and at times they are beyond consoling. A mother can sometimes be at her wits end looking for a solution to put her baby at ease. But before you look for a solution try and identify what is bothering your baby so much. Know that babies do not cry without any rhyme or reason. Crying is their only way of communication with you. In absences of words crying is all your baby can do to buy your attention. Crying also indicates that all is fine with your baby. Know why crying is important for your baby.

Decoding your baby's cry can at times be tricky, as crying can be a trigger of some serious snag or just a benign call. Here's a list of reasons that can bring tears in your little ones eyes.

Your baby is hungry: This is easy to guess. As we all know that newborns and infants spend their days either sleeping or eating. When your baby cries first offer a feed. In most cases your baby would resort to his playful self after a feed. Remember an empty tummy makes your child cry more. But hunger isn't always the answer to all his cries.

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Your baby needs a change: If your baby is well fed, playful and suddenly cries out of the blue, check the diaper. A wet diaper or a soiled one isn't something your baby would feel comfortable in. Offer a change immediately. The wetness in the diaper can irritate your baby's privates and set stage for an untimely cry. It can also lead to painful rashes if not changed regularly. And these rashes won't spare your baby, the only option he can resort too is to crying to express his pain and discomfort. Know more on how to deal with diaper rashes.

Is suffering from colic: Colic is a condition wherein pain in the abdomen can make your baby break into a shrill cry for hours at a stretch. This often happens during the first month from birth and disappears by the age of four or five months. But till then colic can distress you little one to the core. One way to help your baby wade through colic pain is to burp your baby well after every feed. Know more about how to deal with colic in babies.

Your baby is feeling suffocated: Many people believe that it's a good practice to keep your baby swaddled or clothed enough to make him feel warm and mimic the environs of the womb. Well at times babies just need the opposite. Babies also need to feel pleasant and comfortable. If you have tried everything and still your baby isn't relieved. Try un-swaddling or taking off some layers of clothes. This would relieve your baby and help him stop sobbing. The reverse can be the case if you baby is feeling too cold. So always dress him appropriately going by the season.

Your baby has a blocked nose: Remember how this exasperates you when you are suffering from cough and cold? How can this not infuriate your little baby? Not able to breathe from nose makes him realize that something is wrong within and crying hence becomes a defense mechanism. Try using paediatric nasal drops to open his breathing chambers for instant relief. Take all measures to save him from the snuffles.

Your baby is feeling sleepy: Babies and newborns have troubles sleeping on their own. If your baby seems irritable and fussy while crying, sing a lullaby to help him lull into sleep. Read more to know how to help your baby sleep.

Your baby is teething: Teething is every mother's nightmare and is also very painful for your tot. If you see your baby break into a cry often check his gums. If you can feel those sharp little tools erupting, give your baby a gum massage or a teething toy to bite on. Know more ways to deal with your baby's teething troubles.

Simply needs a break: Sometimes too much of attention can also stress your baby. Crowded places, loud noises and excessive travel all can add to the stress quotient too. If you notice these try to soothe your baby in the confines of your own room or leave the place to assure your baby feels light again.

Is bored being alone: Though too much attention can bother your baby but it's your attention your baby craves the most. If you are out of sight for too long expect a burst of tears. Sure you were busy with the usual. But nothing can soothe your crying baby now other than you.

When does crying signal trouble:

If your baby is feeding well, passing urine without much trouble, is playful in between the bouts of cry then you can put your mind to rest regarding those tears. But seek a paediatrician's appointment if your baby cries inconsolably and has:

  • High fever.
  • Acute pain in a certain part of the body (he/she could be pointing at the part at times, if you observe closely).
  • A hard middle. It may be a sign of some problem with his innards.
  • Rashes or developed an allergy.
  • Vomiting tendencies. It could signify a deeper problem, consult the doctor immediately.

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