When should I give my baby MMR vaccine?

MMR vaccine can protect your baby against mumps, measles and rubella. Find out the right time to give your baby this vaccine.

MMR vaccineMy daughter is now 20 months old. I have given her all vaccinations -- injections and oral ones in scheduled time. She is due for MMR vaccination I wanted to know if i can get her immunized now. Is 20 months a right time to give her a MMR shot?

Ideally an MMR vaccination should be given to your baby between 15 to 18 months. This vaccination provides immunity against mumps, measles and rubella or German measles. If your baby had a shot of measles vaccine at nine months you can delay the MMR vaccination for a little time. Many doctors will also suggest a second shot of MMR at the age of 12 for added protection. check on these details with your doctor after the consultation.

You can postpone the vaccination if your baby is unwell, but a mild cold, cough or diarrhea shouldn't stop you from getting your baby vaccinated.

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A MMR vaccine can lead to mild fever and rash after a week. But it isn't a matter to worry about. These symptoms will disappear with time without much fuss.

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