What Makes Sperm Banking A 'Strategic Resource'?

What Makes Sperm Banking A 'Strategic Resource'?
Find out why men should opt for sperm banking. (Photo: Freepik)

"[Sperm banking] empowers men by providing a proactive way to safeguard their reproductive potential for future family planning," said a doctor.

Written by Prerna Mittra |Updated : February 6, 2024 5:14 PM IST

Just like egg freezing -- which allows a woman to delay her pregnancy until she is ready -- sperm banking is a crucial step in family planning. According to hopkinsmedicine.org, sperm banking is the process of collecting, freezing and storing sperm. It is also known as 'sperm freezing' or 'sperm cryopreservation'. The sperm can be thawed and used in the future for procedures like intrauterine insemination (IUI) or in-vitro fertilization (IVF).

'Concerns about declining sperm quality'

According to Dr Jyothi C Budi, medical director of Ferty9 Fertility Center, reproductive technologies like sperm banking or semen cryopreservation have transformed fertility preservation globally, addressing "concerns about declining sperm quality".

"It empowers men by providing a proactive way to safeguard their reproductive potential for future family planning. It is a significant step in helping individuals take control of their fertility journey. Planning for the future involves thoughtful consideration of career growth, lifestyle changes, and potential health issues. Sperm banking offers flexibility, allowing individuals to navigate life's uncertainties and still have the option to become parents when the time is suitable," she said.

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Dr Jyothi added that sperm banking not only addresses current uncertainties, but also empowers individuals to sculpt their reproductive journeys in sync with evolving personal circumstances.

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Chemotherapy and reproductive health

Dr Sasi Priya Aravalli, senior consultant at Ferty9 Fertility Center said sperm banking is "especially important" for those facing fertility issues or undergoing medical treatments like chemotherapy that might affect reproductive health. "By storing sperm at a younger age, individuals can safeguard their genetic and reproductive potential, counteracting the natural decline in sperm quality that comes with aging."

'Sperm banking emerges as a strategic resource'

Dr Kavya Reddy Kumkala, senior consultant at Ferty9 Fertility Center concluded by saying that sperm banking emerges as a "strategic resource", offering stored sperm and providing hope for families seeking conception assistance. "It also takes a proactive stance against declining sperm quality, raising awareness about the crucial importance of male reproductive health worldwide," she said, adding that assisted reproductive technologies offer a pathway for people to conceive, but success rates differ for each person.

"It is crucial to consult healthcare professionals for personalised guidance, ensuring tailored advice for fertility and family planning complexities."