What does your baby’s name say about your personality?

If you spell your baby’s name differently than its actual spelling, it may indicate that as a parent or as an individual you are different.

Choose a name for your child wisely as it says a lot about your personality too.

Your baby is your reflection. Not only his or her face and habits but also the name you give him/her says a lot about your own personality. So whatever name you choose for them will not just have an effect on them but will also reveal some traits and interesting details about you as well. Even though there are a lot people with similar names, everyone has his/her own individual personality trait. In addition, a baby name also reflects some characteristic features of his parents. For example -

If your baby has a unique name

You're choosing a unique name for your baby probably because you want him to be different and one of a kind. This somehow indicates that you enjoy a little attention and also want to stand out of the crowd. A lot of parents these days are coming up with a unique name which are unheard of and at times sounds weird too. It can also mean that as a parent you are creative. It may also mean that as kids you were not much recognized because you had a common name and therefore, you want your child's name to be unique.

If your baby has an old, traditional name

Opting an old name for your baby doesn't mean that you are boring. It may mean that you are traditionally inclined or a bit conservative. The best thing about choosing old names for your child is that they don't sound weird. They can be unique and stylish too. Apart from how old the names sound, their long spelling is also a big concern as many traditional names have quite complex spellings. However, there are a lot of such names which may be old and traditional but they still seem fresh and relevant event for this generation. Therefore, it is totally fine if you want such kind of a name for your baby.

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If your baby name has a creative spelling

If you spell your baby's name differently than its actual spelling, it may indicate that as a parent or as an individual you are different. For example a lot of parents spell names like Anita as Anytah. However, you got to be careful while deciding a spelling as it may not always be taken in a good sense. Many people may get confused with the pronunciation of the name.

Naming your baby after a family member

Usually a foreign concept, but now it is gradually becoming popular in India too. If you've named your child after someone in the family, this means as a person you are quite sentimental. However, many people who want to name their kids after their fathers and mothers are worried that the name may sound old fashioned. But here's what you can do, try twisting their names a bit, and make slight changes in the spelling and you are good to go. Or you can even consider your parents' maiden names for your kids.

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