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Weird home remedies people use for boosting hair growth in babies

Want a good laugh? Read these crazy myths about baby hair!

Written by Naz Haider |Updated : April 29, 2019 1:14 PM IST

Whether your baby is born with a head full of hair or not, be assured that she will have as much hair as any normal person, as she grows up. But if you are an Indian, then you know that new mothers, and everybody around them is obsessed with the baby's hair! How much hair does the baby have, is it straight, is it curly, is it thick, is it black enough? These 'issues' then entail a number of myths and stupid practices that promise ghane, mulayam, kaale baal (thick, soft and dark hair). Needless to say, none of it works because the quantity and quality of your hair depend on how many hair follicles you are born with and your genes.

So gather around and let's laugh at some of the stupidest myths I have come across!

  • Red lentil paste: Once you have tonsured the baby, the first thing you should apply on its head is a paste of red lentil. Nobody ever cared to explain why. How does red lentil benefit hair? And why do you need to apply right after tonsuring. Don't ask.
  • Burnt burlap sack: This one takes the craziest myth award hands down. So here's what you do (hypothetically, only) you take a burplap sack, the ones used for storing grains in warehouses. Cut a piece, you can be as fancy about it as you want. Burn it and apply the ash on the baby's freshly tonsured head. This one is messy, weird and makes no sense whatsoever.
  • Egg: Now egg is a great source of protein and does make hair softer when used as a hair mask. But how does it benefit a baby whose hair is any way softer? In my opinion, whether you apply egg to a baby's hair or not it makes no difference.
  • Tonsuring on a full moon night: This one is straight out of a werewolf thriller. You baby has brown hair? Gotta tonsure her on a full moon night. That will make her hair grow long and black. Probably all over her body like a werewolf. Just saying.

You have any crazy myths to share? What are you waiting for...another baby to get tonsured? Share it in the comments below NOW!

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