Father’s Day 2015: 4 meaningful ways to make time for your dad

If you can't have lunch together or meet often, try these ways to give your dad more time.

In today s world where we hardly get any time to breathe easy, making time for dad, who we always take for granted, is difficult. But step back and think, are you becoming a better human being ignoring your dad and gaining praises in the boardroom. If your conscience gives you an honest answer to this question, then you know what you should do. No matter how pressed for time you are, try and spend some quality time with your dad (if possible only you and your dad). Read letters our readers wrote to us on life lessons they learnt from their dads.

It will not only make your dad feel happy, but you a content person. Wondering how to do that? Here are some options.

Go for his medical check-ups together: With the old and ailing, a visit to the hospital or the doctor s clinic becomes a routine. Even if you are not able to accompany him during every visit, make it a point to be with him when he goes for a specialist s consultation. If you are live in a different country or a city, try going for a medical check-up together when you visit him. Fathers are stubborn and scared about their health. All they need is moral support. Your presence at their side makes a lot of difference and helps him to accept situations as they are. Often they forget to inform the doctor about their symptoms and medications and that s the time you can just pitch in and help your father get the right diagnosis. These few minutes spent with your dad will make a lot of difference in his life. Here are 13 health tests that you should urge your father to get done.

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Take up a sport: If you are lucky enough to stay with your dad, spend some time playing a sport with him. Just a 30 minute session once a twice a week can lift up the old man s spirits. Choose what is comfortable for him, an outdoor activity like badminton, that can help him get fit or a battle of wits on the chess table, which will help in keeping his grey cells healthy. Try and lose some of the games like he did with you when you were little. Here are five healthy gift ideas for your dad.

Strike a conversation: Just because he stays quiet, doesn't mean he has nothing to say. It is difficult to break the ice if you haven t had candid conversations with him in the past. So, start with subjects that are close to his heart like the one rank one pension issue (if your dad was an ex-serviceman), politics or sports. You will be amazed at his insight and he would be happy to share them with you. If you are a new dad, here are 11 things that you can do differently to bond with your child.

Plan a day out: It would be little awkward for either a son or a daughter to plan a day out with dad, especially if you have never spent a day like that before. Going to the bank, the broker's office or the estate agent's doesn t mean spending qualitative time with dad. It is work and responsibility. So plan a movie with your dad, or lunch or a small walk to the park. Dedicate the entire day to him. Your dad is worth that one day out of 365 days of the year. If possible, keep two days in your calendar marked for him. Nothing can make him feel more special than this. If your dad detests your idea, spend it doing things his way: going to a Satsang, laughter club, yoga class or having a cup of chai in the comfort of your balcony. Here are 11 on-screen dads who will inspire you.

How would you like to spend more time with your dad? Let us know. Scroll down and write in your comments.

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