6 ways saas bahu serials are messing with your child's head

Do you watch saas-bahu serials with your child around? Here's why you need to stop this habit!

If your child has been acting way too dramatic, or says 'grown-up' words and you don't know where's it coming from, it might be helpful if you stopped watching your saas-bahu serials when your child is around. A lot of mothers I know love watching the masaledaar saas-bahu shows, without realising the effect it has on their children. Do not even think that just because it's not cartoon, your child is not paying attention to what's on TV. Even if your child is playing and seems occupied, watching saas-bahu serials is definitely messing with her head. Want to know how? Here are a few examples:

  • Coming back from dead: Almost every other show has one or multiple characters coming back from dead. How, as a child, do you grasp that? A character who has been dead, the body cremated and everyone has mourned over suddenly makes an appearance one fine day. And there's an elaborate backstory to how the person was never dead! Try understanding from the point of view as a child.
  • Convoluted realities and off-track storyline: I understand mythology and alternate realities. I also appreciate imagination and creativity. But for the life of me, I can't understand how average mortals suddenly turn into superbeing and gain the powers to morph into creatures like flies and roaches. What does that teach your child?
  • Inappropriate content: Not everything in life has to be played three times over. NSomething as simple as a broken glass does not call for dramatic music. And the words used in some of the serials! It annoys me everytime a child utters 'sahi pakade hai', and I wonder why would they pick up a line from a serial that's filled with sexual innuendos.
  • Violence: Slapping people and even minor scuffles are very common in most saas-bahu serials. Also, many serials show elaborate plans for murder and badla (revenge). You don't want your child to plot against children at her school, or mulling over what murdering someone means.
  • Time leap: This is the most confusing concept for kids to understand. Every meal, I tell my child that she needs to eat healthy to grow big and strong. Wonder what will she make of it if she sees a character as a child one day and the next day they have a 20-year time leap!
  • Multiple parents: Meeting your 'real' parents after years, children who are not your children, unravelling the truth that blows your mind -- all this is too much for a little brain to grasp. So why torture them?

My suggestion would be, in the time that you spend watching saas bahu serials, you can actually read a book to your child and make her smarter! Of course, no one's denying that you need your entertainment, but you can always catch up on your shows when your little one is not around. Think about it.

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