Tried and tested mustard oil home remedy for diaper rashes

This home remedy has been in my family for ages and my baby has been rash free for over a year!

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As an experienced mom, if I have to give just one piece of advice to a new mum or mum-to-be, it would be this -- be wary of diaper rashes. They are the most painful things to deal with for the baby and for you. While it is a great idea to take precautions and apply a rash cream at every diaper change, I am not comfortable using any sort of cream or lotion on my baby. With all the chemicals and synthetic ingredients they come with, I'd prefer to do away with the lot of them.

If you are particular about changing the diaper every three hours and letting the baby some nappy-free time every now and then, there are chances that your baby may not experience any rashes. But there are times when we cannot, or simply forget to change the baby's diapers. Or what about when the baby has loose motions? Every baby will experience rashes at some point in time, and I chose to deal with it naturally. Here's how to change your baby's diaper correctly.

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This remedy from my mother and I cannot thank her enough for sharing this gem. This remedy makes the rashes disappear overnight leaves the baby's skin moisturised.

Home remedy for dealing with rashes

When I started weaning my tot, she would have bouts of loose motions every now and then accompanied by painful rashes. This is when my mom shared this home remedy -- mustard oil and cornflour. Yes, just these two ingredients work beautifully for healing diaper rash.

Here's what to do. After you clean your baby, let the area air-dry. When the baby has loose motions, don't use baby wipes. Instead of baby wipes clean her with cotton dipped in lukewarm water. Now apply a generous amount of mustard oil.and sprinkle a little cornflour on the area before you put the diaper. This remedy works wonderfully and my baby is rash-free overnight.

It is also a good idea to apply a little mustard oil every time you change your baby's diaper, just like you would use a rash cream.

Why does this remedy work

The logic behind using this remedy, or even a rash cream for that matter, is to protect the skin from friction and irritation. Mustard oil moisturises the skin and the cornflour helps the oil stay in place. And the fact that both these are natural products, free of chemicals, is what makes this remedy a winner. Sesame oil is also a wonderful alternative to treat diaper rashes.

This tried and tested remedy has been in my family since years, and I hope it will help you too. Do share your experience in the comment.

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