5 toddler hacks to make your life easier

Try these hacks to help your toddler be more self-reliant.

As a mother whose toddler takes pride in being 'mommy's tail', I am a stickler for any hack, tip, magic, spell, just about anything that promises to make my life easier. I kid you not when I say that it is IMPOSSIBLE to do anything as long as my toddler is awake. I don't like it, but most of the times, I end up resorting to switching on the TV to keep her occupied. I make sure that she watches cartoon shows that have good content. There are, however, some things, hacks if you must, that I have employed, that have made my life way easier to deal with. These hacks have made life easier for my toddler, and that means that she has less things to annoy me with. I am doing my good deed of the day by sharing my favourite toddler hacks with you, and you do your good deed of the day by sharing it with your mommy friends. Here goes:

  1. Make it easier for them to wash hands: Freshly potty-trained toddlers LOVE going to the loo, flushing and washing their hands. The whole exercise takes 10 minutes at least, and is repeated every 20 minutes. Most toddlers can go on the pot and flush easily, it is reaching the tap to wash hands is what's difficult. Place a footstool to make it easier, and you don't have to accompany your tot every time she goes for her little adventure.
  2. Make mealtimes fun by serving food in interesting ways: Toddlerhood means picky eating. Make mealtimes easier, and quicker, by serving food in interesting ways. Some days, serve food in an ice tray, with points allotted to each section. Your toddler has to collect a specific number of points to qualify for dessert!
  3. Won t eat fruits? Make fruit juice and freeze into popsicles: Another picky eating habit is saying no to fruits. But they won't say no to anything sweet and frozen, right? Put in fruits in a blender, blitz to a pulp and freeze in popsicle moulds. Healthy snacks is ready in a an hour!
  4. Dedicate a corner for the kid s play area: If your child doesn't have her own room, dedicate a corner for her play area. Stack some books, her favourite toys and some interactive game. She will be occupied for hours. This is tried, tested and mommy approved!
  5. Read bedtime stories in a very dull voice to make them sleepy: Not the first few times, of course! Stories deserve to be read in your most animated voices. It is when they ask to read the same book for the 25th time is when you go all dull, slurry and boring. It works!

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