5 things you should worry about when your child starts school

Immunity is not the only thing you should worry about when your child starts going to school.

Your child starting school is a major milestrone! She will be out in the world, all by herself, without your protection for hours. She will be developing and using her interpersonal skills, making friends and developing her personality. Momentous, right? With playschools becoming a norm, toddlers as young as 18 months are now joining schools. While most parents only worry about their children catching infections, thanks to your age and weak immunities, there are a few other things that you should worry about more.

  1. Hygiene: You have sterilised every bottle, every sipper, ever teether that ever touched your baby's mouth. You washed and re-washed her toys and made sure that sanitised your hands before touching her. But will her school, the teachers and other students maintain the same level of hygiene? This is one thing you should think about before zeroing on a school.
  2. Manners: You taught the the magic words 'sorry, please and thank you' and you have made sure she learns the right manners, but interacting with peers, who all have different sets of manners can have an impact on your child. Your calm, well-behaved child could pick up a few foul words at school. To avoid this you need to be a. consistent with your manners and b. have healthy communication with her on how she should behave, irrespective of what her new friends do.
  3. Language: My major concern with sending my child to school was that her language skills will deteriorate. Most kids nowadays are fluent in multiple languages, but under a teacher who is not articulate enough or not well-trained, their language skills can suffer.
  4. Bullying: Playground fights are a part of childhood, but what about bullies? Your child might turn out to be a bully or be a victim. This is why it is important to select a school with competent staff.
  5. Security: How safe is the school, does it have CCTV cameras installed, does it have enough security guards in place? When little children are involved, especially those who cannot speak or communicate clearly, security should be a prime concern.

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