5 things you can do to get in your child's teacher's good books

Your good equation with your child's teacher can benefit your child too.

Your child probably spends more waking hours at the school than at home which makes her teacher a very important part of her life. When children get along with their teachers, and also when the teachers take interest in the child s growth, your child blooms and flourishes. While how the teacher and child are towards each other inside the classroom is something you have no control over, there are a few things you can do to make sure that the teacher is happy with you and the child, and thus pays good attention to your child. Here are some ideas.

  1. Acknowledge what the teacher has to say: The teacher may not always have good things to say about your child. If she ever has a complaint about your child, hear her out without getting on the offensive from the start. You can present your argument, but do so in a very gentle manner, so as to discuss your child s growth more than accusing the teacher of being against the child.
  2. Thank the teacher often: Good manners go a long way. Thank the teacher for everything that she does for your child, even if it is her job. Send thank you notes, or send year-end thank you gifts for the teacher so that she feels appreciated.
  3. Tell her how fond your child is of her: Children love their teachers. After all they spend a major part of their days with them. If your child tells you something in particular about why she loves her teacher, share it with the teacher to make her day. Most of the teachers too love their students like their own kids and would love to hear a loving word or two about themselves.
  4. Apologise for your child: After spending a considerable time in the classroom and getting comfortable there, your child s inner mischievous self is bound to shine. If your child has been particularly naughty and caused a lot of trouble to the teacher, you should apologise for your child. As said, good manners go a long way.
  5. Don't nitpick: A lot of mothers have the habit of nitpicking and finding fault with the teacher and the school. Don't be that mom. The school and teacher know how to deal with children, they have been doing it since years, while your experience is limited to your children only. Even if you don't agree with the teacher's methods, it doesn't mean that she is always in the wrong. For a lot of mothers, their children can never be wrong, and this is why they are often at loggerheads with the teacher.

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