5 things to keep in mind if you are using cloth diapers

If you are using cloth diapers never give your laundry schedule a miss and other tips to keep in mind when using cloth diapers.

Before I start to tell you what to expect when you use cloth diapers for your infant, let me tell you that I am not a big fan of the same. There are advantages of using disposable ones, especially because they are easy to use and hassle free. Most people fear diaper rashes are very common with babies who wear disposable diapers. While this can be true to an extent, but diaper rashes for babies wearing cloth diapers is also possible. However, a few days back when my baby suffered from a fungal infection in the nappy area, I switched to cloth diapers briefly and here is what I learnt it:

1. Always keep your stack ready

If you are making a switch to cloth diapers be ready to keep a whole supply of it ready. In the case of disposable diapers if you use six a day on the higher end, you might have to double the number with cloth diapers. So even if cloth diapers seem to be eco-friendly, it might make you buy by the lot. You might have to keep a dozen ready for each day so that you don t run out of them. Here are few tips to get rid of diaper rashes.

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2. Don t postpone your laundry

This is something that should be on your priority list. Sure there isn t going to be an endless supply of it coming to you and even if you buy them by dozens, you will run out of them if you just keep them piling. You also don t want to live with the smell and filth of pee and poop piling in the laundry. So you can t slip from your diaper-laundry schedule. One tip I can offer is to keep at least a stack of three days ready. Like, if you know how many diapers your baby will need in a day; approximately it becomes easier to calculate. For instance, if your child needs six cloth diapers a day, keep a pack of six-six cloth diapers ready for the next two days, but don t postpone laundry. This will at least help you to get them dry and clean before you run out of diapers. Also, there might be times when your child might need more diapers than the estimated numbers. Here are some tips to prevent diaper rashes in kids.

3. Keep the quick-dry sheet handy

Always spread it out when you keep your child on the baby cot or your bed. Pee, when seeped into the mattress, can be a breeding ground for bacteria giving rise to some infections or even skin allergies. Also, it is difficult to get rid of the foul smell that lingers in bed if your baby poops or pees in the bed despite wearing the cloth diaper.

4. Clean your baby s private parts dry

With disposable diapers, the baby s bottoms are usually dry unless you are cleaning poop. In cloth diapers, you have to take care that the bottoms are cleaned and then pat dry. Even if you feel lazy, you cannot make your baby wear a new one without making the bottoms dry. Moist environment down there is like a set stage for diaper rashes. Here are eight expert tips to keep your newborn clean.

5. Sanitise the diapers to avoid infections

Cloth diapers call for effort and one of them is the effort you need to take to sanitise the diapers. Washing and cleaning are just a part of it. Some mothers think an after wash in an antibacterial liquid can do good. However, always have the last wash with clear water to ensure there are no remnants of chemicals in the diaper.

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