9 things ONLY Indian mothers do!

Dressing your baby in oversized tees is a very Indian thing. © Shutterstock

Buying clothes that are at least two size bigger and putting kajal ka tikka to ward off evil eyes and other funny things that only Indian mothers can do.

There are things you do or your mom did to you which may not make any sense to parents from other cultures. If you question yourself why you do it, probably you won't get a logical answer to your acts. But, you believe that you are doing it for the benefit of your baby. Here are some patent acts of Indian mothers and I am sure you are also guilty of few of them.

Buying bigger clothes: Dressing your baby in oversized tees isn't cute. If your baby could speak, the little one would never approve of it. While it is true that your child might outgrow the exact size too soon, but that's no reason to buy a size or two bigger. Especially when you stretch that logic to shoes!

Warding off evil spirits that make your child fall sick: Well, we really don't know whether it works, but 'nazar utarna' with help of dry chilli, lemon, salt, mustard seeds, etc., is common when you don't know what it wrong with your baby. For God sake go to a doctor instead.

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Fighting evil-eye with kajal ka tikka: It is rare of an Indian kid who has escaped the trademark kajal ka tikka plastered on his forehead, foot, on the chin, behind the ears and where not. While this is a personal choice know that kajal alone cannot safeguard your child from a bout of diarrhoea, vomiting or fever you believe that an evil eye or spirit can bring on.

Having two or more names: Have you ever questioned the need for the same? Two different names one for family and one for others just don't make sense. It's confusing for the little one too. After adding the middle name, father's name and the name of the caste or village, don't you think a 'pet' name is one name too many?

Forcing to eat that extra paratha or a bowl of halwa: Every Bollywood movie mother's favourite line, 'Beta, tum kitne patle ho gaye ho,' is actually every Indian mother's patented dialogue. Whether your child is overweight, chubby or thin, force feeding is the only way you know how to love your child.

Comparing with other children: No matter your child's personal achievements, you cannot stop yourself from comparing your child with the other kids' sonu, monu, chandu, pandu and even the dog, maybe. Please, mothers stop.

Threatening child about complaining to the teacher: You think your tween doesn't know that you are kidding. If you use this method to get things done from your child, believe it or not, your child is laughing at you.

Making your own concoction of medicines: When your child detests having a bitter pill, what do you do? Well, we know you make your concoction, grinding the pill and mixing it with honey, sugar or jaggery.

These hilarious things are only possible with Indian mothers.

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