8 things I do to spend quality time with my daughter

A day in the life of this working mom will inspire you to try guilt-free parenting

Being a mother can be euphoric, but at the same time it can be difficult and challenging too, more so if you are a working mother. No matter how much effort I put in to get the perfect work-life balance I fail miserably, each time. And then the whole world is ready to point fingers at me, See, we told you, you aren t good enough. But I realised with time that paying too much attention to naysayers don t make you a better mom nor does nurturing the guilt of being a working mother. So I found my own ways to practice guilt-free parenting. Know why it is important for every working mother to practice guilt-free parenting.

Here are few things that I started to do to ensure quality time spent with my child despite the constraints.

Extend play time before sleep: I would like to start with the last part of the day first because this is the only stress-free time that I spend with her, without giving her instructions to hurry up and get ready. We spend a good two hours before we finally call it a day. We read books, recite poems, play with clay and also sing lullabies to all the dolls and teddies to help them sleep. And let me tell you that sometimes it is past midnight and we are not done yet. Still I try not to cut our time short, as I know these moments are precious. You might want to ask me if she has to compromise with her sleep in the bargain. Well no, she is a night owl and wakes up fresh all on her own in the morning. Here are 10 things that I do as a mother and will never apologise for them.

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Spend the mornings hours with her: Being a working mother I realised that your life is all about the choices you make. So, when I was struggling to get a work-life balance, the first thing I did was to talk to my employers and arrange for an afternoon shift. I had a choice, either to leave my baby in the morning and rush to work or to be with her in the morning, attend to her needs and then start with my own business. I chose the latter. This gives me the peace that I know how my daughter s mood and health is at the start of the day. This also gives me enough time with her as I bathe and ready her for school.

Finish chores early in the morning: Well, not that I succeed in doing this every day, but I try to finish off kitchen chores early in the morning. On weekends it means doing the laundry before she wakes up. This enables me to have enough time with her throughout the day and unlimited structured and unstructured play time. This also means compromising on my sleep and I have come to terms with dealing with less sleep. Here are 15 things that happen to you after pregnancy that no one warns you about.

Have breakfast together: Since I work the afternoon shift, I reach home late, past the dinner time. So, I have breakfast with her every day. This is the time when I talk to her about her school, the activities she does, the alphabets she is learning, etc. Sometimes she is in the mood to talk and sometimes she brushes off the topic, but it is still worth the conversation. Here are four ways I found to feed my fussy eater.

Drop her to school: This is the best part of the day, a reason why I choose the afternoon shift. Dropping her to school always swells my heart with numerous emotions. Saying her bye, have a nice day is like giving myself assurance that all will be fine with her while I go back to work.

Do little chores together: Whether it s changing the bed sheets or chopping vegetables I have started to involve her in all my activities as well. Of course this means converting menial tasks into herculean tasks (you can just imagine what it means to take help from a toddler). But we both enjoy doing it and in the process we end up bonding over chores with lots of giggles and kisses.

Be a part of her make-believe world: Children have their own make believe world, where a dog can become a bird, a penguin can fly in the air or Doreamon can be visiting home often, though invisible. Whatever it is, being a part of my daughter s make-believe world is awesome. No matter what I would be doing at the moment when she calls me, I leave everything and attend to her play. I have learnt that everything else can wait but once she grows up I might not be her best playmate so I try and make the most of the play time today.

Answer all her questions: Every question they ask is a call for knowledge and how you impart the answer is equally important. So when my daughter asks me a question these days I take little time to analyse and answer it back to her. Recently, her question was why forehead is called fore head and not three or five head. I could have brushed it off because as usual I was busy with my chores when the question came. But I turned back to answer her that it was fore and not four that two words can sound similar and have different meanings. I also had to explain to her what was fore and hind. Not that she could register everything but I believe that giving rational answers will help her ever curious mind think in the right direction.

P.S.: Let me tell you that even after discovering these hacks, my life as a working mom is not an organised one but chaotic. However, these tricks help to get some semblance. Then there are days when everything goes out of hand and I freak!

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