25 things about newborns YOU MUST KNOW

I wish I had known some of these things when my daughter was born...

There are so many things you read about what to expect during pregnancy and how to cope after the baby is born, but nobody tells you anything real about your newborn. I wish I had known some of these things when my daughter was born so I think it is only fair that I share this with as many moms-to-be as possible.

  1. Newborn babies are purplish with all kinds of gooey stuff on them, so better be prepared before you scream, 'Whose alien is that?!'
  2. Babies may be born with a shock of hair or completely bald. Both are fine.
  3. Babies have dry, peely skin. This is completely normal and not something to worry to about.
  4. Babies don't have long defined eyelashes. Babies have barely-there eyelashes.
  5. Babies can t see very clearly, so you need to hold the baby close to you for them to see your face. Don't talk to them from far when they are in the cradle. They might not even register your presence.
  6. Some babies don t even open their eyes very wide. Here's how you should take care of your baby's eyes.
  7. Your newborn will cry but not shed tears for a few weeks. So when you hear her bawling but don't see tears, don t freak out! Here is why newborns cry without shedding tears.
  8. Babies cry for no reason at all as a way to communicate. They cry even if they are not hungry. Crying is actually good for your baby.
  9. Some babies have cradle cap or infantile seborrheic dermatitis when they are born and their scalp is flaky with yellowing scales (sometimes this lasts till they are six months old).
  10. Their first poop is a nasty blackish colour and that is completely normal.
  11. Some babies are born with a tooth or two and that is normal too.
  12. Babies are born with manicured nails. Ahem. I mean their nails are just perfect!
  13. Some girl babies have something like a period. Speak to your doctor but don t freak out.
  14. Sometimes they may also lactate. Both girl and boy babies. Again, don t panic.
  15. Most babies are born jaundiced and look a bit yellow. Here s what you need to know about infant jaundice.
  16. Babies don t smile till they are a month old. It is one of the milestones to look forward to.
  17. Babies like to suck their thumb (it is called self-soothing) so let them and don t think of it as bad manners.
  18. If you let the baby get used to a binky (pacifier) then be prepared to hear her scream every time it falls out.
  19. There are different types of baby cries, which mean different things.
  20. It is not necessary to massage a baby or get a maalish wali.
  21. A boy baby can pee all over if you are not careful while changing diapers. Squirt alert! It s a trick you need to master ASAP.
  22. They say babies sleep for 18 hours in a day. But, not for 8 hours straight! So be prepared to give up on sleep. Some babies wake up every hour or two and that s fine too.
  23. The colour of your baby s eyes will change.
  24. The shape, texture and volume of your baby s hair will change. Curly may become straight, straight wavy and so on.
  25. Babies are twitchy when they sleep. It is seldom as restful as it looks in those cutie sleeping baby pics.

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