The best all natural, homemade finger-paint for toddlers

Looking for a fun, non-toxic paint for you budding Picasso?

The moment I turned mom, I looked at the world differently -- everything is toxic, covered in germs and is potentially hazardous. This is why I am always on a lookout for non-toxic ways to let my year old toddler indulge in fun activities. And by non-toxic, I mean mostly homemade. This homemade finger paint was an instant hit and I have made this so many times that I no longer measure the ingredients. I can simply eyeball and get it right every time.

You will have all these ingredients readily available, and I am sure you and your toddler will have a blast. You are welcome!

Suitable for babies 9 months+

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What you need

  • Wheat flour - 1/2 cup
  • Water - 1/2 cup
  • Organic food colour - as many shades as you like. I go even more natural and sometimes use ingredients like beetroot, spinach and blueberries for colouring.
  • Salt - a pinch (optional)


  • Mix the flour and water to form a paste. This mix will be very runny, so cook it on a medium flame for about a minute, stirring continuously. Take it off the flame once the consistency is paste-like.
  • Mix in the salt if you want to store the paint for later use.
  • Once cooled, divide it into as many batches as you want, adding the different shades of food colour. I usually divide it into five batches and use vibrant neon colours.
  • Give it to your baby to make as much mess as she likes!

A few tips

Spread a big plastic table cloth to let your baby make as many colourful splashes as she wants, without messing up the floor. Keep a stack of papers handy, you will be amazed at how many masterpieces your tot can paint in 15 minutes. Also, do this activity right before bath-time and transfer your toddler from the colour mat straight to the bathtub.

Most importantly, click as many pictures as you can. Nothing is cuter that an adorable baby smeared with vibrant colours.

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