Skipping Therapy For Your Autistic Kids During The Pandemic Is Not A Great Idea; Here's Why

Skipping Therapy For Your Autistic Kids During The Pandemic Is Not A Great Idea; Here's Why
Skipping Therapy For Your Autistic Kid During The Pandemic

According to a study, children with autism are more susceptible to the pandemic's detrimental impacts. Read on to know more.

Written by Arushi Bidhuri |Published : June 11, 2021 9:27 PM IST

In such unprecedented times when the microscopic villain, Covid-19, looms large, it becomes crucial to take care of kids, especially those suffering from a health condition. With the disruption and social isolation of the Covid-19 pandemic, families around the world face the question of how their children can thrive in the situation. In addition to the issues that all children face, kids with special health needs face additional obstacles as a result of the public health crisis. A study published in the Journal of Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine noted that children with autism are more vulnerable to the negative effects of the pandemic.

Don't Delay Treatment For Autistic Kids Amid The Pandemic

Due to Covid-19, parents are skipping treatment for their autistic kids out of fear of contracting the virus. Most parents are avoiding therapy because they are scared that if they send their children to the centre. However, experts believe that it is not a good idea to delay treatment even during the pandemic. Delaying therapy due to Covid fear and restrictions might add to the problem.

Speaking to IANS, Sreeja Reddy Saripalli, founder and chief strategist, Pinnacle Blooms Network, said that much of the brain growth occurs between the ages of 12-60 months. Delaying the treatment at this age will only exacerbate the symptoms. "Babies are born with 25 per cent of their brain. As the baby reaches its one-year mark, it increases by 50 per cent. By the time the child is 48 to 60 months, which is, four to five years old, the brain is fully developed. The development of the brain, which collects signals from the five senses and delivers them to the baby, must take place before the baby is 12 to 60 months old. Otherwise, the motor and executive functions that the child should be capable of doing on their own will most certainly be impaired."

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According to the expert, this is a crucial age at which autistic kids must receive therapy to build their motor and executive functions.

These Kids Not At High Risk Of Covid, But Practicing Precautions Is A Must

Saripalli told IANS, "It's a total myth that autistic kids of all kids are at high risk of catching the virus because of their immunity. Take them out, let them still meet people, make them wear masks, double it up if necessary, make them wear gloves, but bring them to the park and let them enjoy watching cats and people go by."

Since there is more information available in the second phase of Covid-19, parents must ensure that they continue to take the necessary precautions required to mitigate the risk of contracting the disease. Explaining the foods that autistic kids should consume, she said that children with autism tend to be picky with their environment.

They get little to no interaction since they prefer to stay in their room rather than socialise with others. To compensate, parents frequently take their children to the park so that they may watch and interact with the world outside on their own terms, ensuring that they are not completely off from it. Covid has also interrupted this kind of interaction. Therefore, it becomes even more crucial to attend therapy to safeguard the health of your child.

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