9 signs that you have a mommy best friend

A mommy best friend makes parenting a little more fun!

Once you become a mommy, things change. You attract people who are in the same league --who will be interested in knowing your breastfeeding woes, diaper changing rituals and yes, those unending complaints about your fussy eater. But the problem is, not all mothers are in the same frame of mind, and some start to judge you and make you feel awful about your parenting skills. Without a doubt, you should distance yourself from them. But then you need a mommy-friend to discuss your mommy-issues, and there is no denying in that.

If you are wondering who could be your mommy-best-friend-forever, here are some signs of that awesome friendship you shouldn t miss:

1. You both don t judge each other: One of the pet peeves of every mother is being judged by the world (and other fellow mothers) for all her actions. But with this special mommy-friend you feel yourself. You both don t judge each other for being a working or a stay-at-home mother, whether you breastfed or used formula, whether you speak the native language or the Queen s language. You let each other be. Here is why the world loves to judge the mother, without getting anything out of it.

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2. You compliment each other s parenting skills: Where there is no judging, there is silent complimenting, expressed in actions and words. You both don t tell each other, Oh, we are doing a great job, but stand patiently when either of your children throw tantrums on road or howls for no reason just outside the school. You wait for the child to settle and then tell the mother, It s ok, it happens. You both make each other feel comfortable no matter the situation or place. Here are seven things no mother should do to herself.

3. You empathise: Yes, you both do and are thankful to each other for this. She exactly knows how worried you are over your child being a slow learner and sends you every online article she can pull from Google to help you deal with it. You on the other hand, never forget to send your signature style biriyani to her as her little one relishes it.

4. You don t compete to be a better mom: She has enrolled her child in sports, you preferred art classes. But you never felt left behind or looked down upon while discussing your choices for extracurricular activities. Here are 10 things a mother says she will never compromise for.

5. You have similar interests other than being just 'a mom': This is the one reason why you both hit it so well. Having coffee while discussing books, modern art or the latest play in town makes time just fly, and you feel light, refreshed and happy to have a life of your own.

6. You both like each other s kids and accept them with their share of mischief: Of course, you have the best kid in this world; the one who comes second is your mommy-friend s child. You really don t mind her kid dipping fingers into ketchup and licking them. How could you? She looks so cute! Here are eight things every mother should teach her child.

7. You feel safe to advise or scold her kid in front of her: While you are forgiving towards your friend s child, you also are protective towards her. So when she crosses the limit or misbehaves, you don t wait for your friend to react. But take charge to discipline her little one, without making your friend feel intimidated. You both know you wish good for each other.

8. You don t fret if your children fight over petty issues: Yes, children fight, patch up, fight, stop talking, patch up and are again inseparable and you both are mature enough to understand not to put your friendship at stake because of children's fights.

9. You sort differences by agreeing to disagree: If it were your college days you would have fought tooth and nail to prove yourself right. But now you value your friendship more and know a mature way to derive a conclusion without being hurtful to each other s feelings. You give up the fight over the right health drink brand your child should have as it really doesn t matter to both of you.

If you have a mommy best friend, go tell her how much you cherish her. If you don't, make one. Share your experiences in comments below.

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