5 reasons why its great to be a sensitive parent

Here's why sensitive parents are simply amazing!

I am a sensitive person, and when I became a parent, I feared that I wouldn't be a strong one. Parenting is about loving and caring for your child, but it s also about having a certain authority to shape your child's personality. This, I felt, I lacked because I was a sensitive parent. However, slowly my perception changed and now I see the many benefits that come with being a sensitive parent, and here are a few:

  • We are good listeners: A sensitive person is always a good listener, because we do not listen to reply, but to understand. And that's what a child needs. With their limited vocabulary, children rely heavily on body language and their parents' EQ to communicate with them. As a sensitive parent you take time and patience to understand or 'listen' to your child better and then respond likewise.
  • We communicate better: Good listening skills also help improve your communication skills. A lot of parents are very adult-like when speaking to their children. A sensitive parent understands the emotional needs of the child and communicates what the child needs to hear. A dose of reality is not always needed for a child, sometimes it is okay to let them believe in magic too.
  • We help our children deal with emotions: When little children feel big emotions, you need to be the adult and console them. When a child feels angry, a sensitive parent will not shush her. Rather, the parent will take her aside and tell the child it is okay to feel angry and teach her how to deal with the raw emotion.
  • We are grounded: A sensitive person is careful with other people's emotions. That is why they always have their manners in place. And that is what they teach their kids too.
  • We help our children become calmer: This is not to day that sensitive parents fail to raise spirited children. Being a spirited child does not mean that you be reckless and unapologetic. Sensitive parents, on the contrary, can be great parents for spirited children as they can teach them to channel their spirited energy towards more fruitful activities.

If you are a sensitive parent, congratulations! You are doing a great job.

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