Real moms share the WORST parenting advice they have received

If you are a parent, you must have been dished out some of these whacky parenting advices too!

When I found out I was pregnant, I was overjoyed. And it was not just because I was going to have a baby, but because I could eat whatever I wished, and people would be fussing over me, offering me food. But my joy was shortlived, for soon I found that the only thing people freely gave during pregnancy and after childbirth was advice. Insane, nonsensical, weird, illogical and mostly useless advice. Some of the advice I have received is hilarious and downright ridiculous, and I have learnt that I am not alone. Moms world-over are at the receiving end of unsolicited advice from 'well-meaning' people and I have collected some kick-ass advice real moms have received. Here goes:

1. Drinking coconut water during pregnancy makes the child have a fair skin tone.

2. Eating a pomegranate everyday during pregnancy makes the child beautiful.

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3. Eating a lot of ghee during pregnancy eases vaginal birth.

4. Eat for two.

5. Drinking too much tea or coffee will make the baby's skin dark.

6. Do not breastfeed the baby whilst your hair is damp, the baby will catch a cold.

7. Do not feed the baby after eating ice-cream or anything cold, the baby will catch a cold.

8. Eating too much sour foods will give the baby a throat infection.

9. Do not breastfeed the baby in dark as it will attract bad luck.

10. Carrying the baby too much will make them clingy.

11. Put a thread on the baby's head to stop hiccups.

12. Squeezing the baby's clothes while washing will make the baby constipated.

13. Don't dry the baby's laundry out in open as it can attract the evil eye.

14. Putting a black dot on the baby's face wards off evil eye.

15. Breastfeeding in public attracts evil eye.

16. Wash baby's clothes 7 times, else it will not be 'pure'.

17. Babies who wear nappies a lot have crooked legs.

18. Rub the baby's skin with a paste of chickpea flour and milk to get rid of body hair.

19. Feed saffron (kesar) to infants to lighten their skin tone.

20. Rub foul things like bittergourd juice on the breast to wean the child.

I am sure you have your own share of weird parenting advices, so why not share it in the comments below?

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