Open letter to ALL parents who send their sick kid to school

If you don't think you should keep your sick child at home and skip school, you need to read this now!

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Last year, I saw a woman give a bottle of paracetamol to her first grader s teacher and instruct her to give it to the child in case she gets fever. Not only did she think it was ok, she actually had the gall to bitch on our WhatsApp moms group about the lousy day her sick child had in school. I want to ask her and all other parents who do this: What are you thinking?

Dear parent,

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How do you even justify the idea of sending a feverish child to school? Don t you know you should wait for 24 hours after the spell of fever ends before sending them to school? To simplify matters for you, here s what happens when you send a sick child to school: If they have an infection, other children are likely to get it and the vicious cycle continues till your child is sick again.

Why would you invite infections over and over again? Not to mention put your child through all that discomfort. Why? I have heard all your arguments about how she will feel better once she reaches school or how you think it is not serious. But seriously, the rest of the kids and teachers are not responsible for making her feel better. That is not their job. Turning down the AC so she stops coughing, or cleaning up after she vomits or giving her medicine every 4 hours is not what they are there for. No, let me spell it out for you: You don t pay such heavy school fees to ensure all this. Read to know more about 10 things you MUST do when your child has fever

Yes, the school should provide treatment and emergency first aid if she falls sick in school. Then, you should pick her up soon after you get a call from the school. Soon means as soon as it is possible for you to reach school, not in a while after you are done with work or after an hour coz it is close to school closing time.

So the school doesn t have a zero tolerance to lice policy, but does that mean you should throw common sense and basic human decency out the window?

In which sphere of your brain is there a tick that allows you to spread a lice infection? It is high time we do some lice shaming for parents who are not conscientious enough. This calls for intolerance and we better start practising this brand of intolerance for all highly contagious diseases and conditions. Especially when parents think it is OK to send kids who have measles or chicken pox to school. If you have done this and are not squirming yet, let me twist it in: There is a reason kids below 12 are not allowed in hospitals. And if you are the kind of parent who thinks it is ok to flout hospital rules and extend the same logic to school, this year I am out to shame you and I hope the rest will join me.

But, what if my child does not have a contagious disease, you ask?

Do you honestly believe that a sick child is going to learn helluva lot on that day or that by missing a day or two, your budding genius will lose out on being the next child prodigy? STOP tormenting the kid, I say. We say mom knows best, but really a kindergartner or primary school kid does not deserve to be in school just because you don t want to care for a sick child/need them out of your hair/have something important lined up that day!

I hope you share this letter on your FB page today, to end this silent epidemic this academic year.


A concerned MOM

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