Mother’s Day Special: Bollywood celebrities tell us why they say ‘Meri Maa Strongest....’

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Words cannot put together what one feels for their mother. She will always be synonymous with strength and courage. This Mother's Day, our Bollywood celebrities tell us why they think that their mother is the strongest person in their life. While most of them went on an emotional high, they still managed to say these beautiful things about their mothers.

madhuri 1Madhuri Dixit: Before my marriage my mom stood besides me throughout my ups and downs. She always encouraged me and had faith in me. After my marriage my mother-in-law did the same. My family has never treated me as a star. The moment I would walk into the house my mother would scold me, 'why have you kept your room unclean. Go put your things in place and keep it clean.' I always had a reality check at home. It was because of my mother that I became the person I am. I wanted to have a family, a home and kids. She taught me the most important lesson that family comes first.


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Katrina Kaif: My mom is British and my father was Kashmiri. We lived in France, Hawaii and London and I was one of seven sisters. I had a very frugal upbringing. My mother used to help charity institutions and to date, she is involved with charity work, so I know what hardship means. I never had pocket money and did not have access to material things. I have learnt from her the toughest lesson of life -- to respect hard work.

soundarya rajinikanthSoundarya Rajnikant: My father being a busy actor didn't spend much time with us, but my mother played an important role in my life. She's the reason that my sister and I have our head on our shoulders. Every star child gets attention but we get used to it. It's not forced on us. My mom educated us and told us at the right age about our father's stardom. When you are a Rajnikant's daughters anything and everything you do gets blown out of proportion. It's tough. But my mother taught us to be humble and grounded.

pooja bedi

Pooja Bedi: My mother is the strongest influence in my life. She lived her life completely on her own terms unshackled by society, with an abundance of energy and has always been an ocean of happiness.

sonali kulkarniSonali Kulkarni: My mother never insisted on teaching me how to live my life. Instead, she led by example. She lives her own life with grace, hope, courage and a lovely smile! She strives to live to the fullest and that got rubbed on me. She is very fond of my dad and that speaks volumes of their companionship. Her spirit and maturity always surprises me as it comes with an underlying kindness. She is unique and I am lucky to have her as my mom.

mahek chahal

Mahek Chahal: I have seen my mother play her various roles so effortlessly that of a wife, but a mother, daughter-in-law and grandmother. She brought up her four children in a foreign country with unending enthusiasm and dedication. She has always been the pillar of strength for the whole family.

chandan sanyalChandan Roy Sanyal: My mother raised her sons in spite of abject poverty and gave them the best of the education. She fed us well while she went hungry and worked for odd hours for school fees. She keeps my gifts untouched so that she can shower her daughter-in-law with all that one day.

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