Know the trait of each alphabet before you name your baby

The first alphabet of your baby’s name reveals much more information than one might actually suspect. The name may have a power to affect your personality and destiny.

If you can't decide on a baby name here is a list of alphabets and their traits, which you can refer to while naming your little one.

Right after you are blessed with a baby, you tend to have a lot of mixed emotions. Becoming a mother or a father is indeed a delightful feeling, but that moment gives you a lot of stress as well. No, we aren't just talking about your baby's health and wellbeing. Choosing a name for him or her can also stress you out. Even before your little one opens his eyes, you must have a name in your mind. And, trust us, selecting a name for your baby is not a piece of cake. There's a whole science behind it. But don't you worry. We've got your back.

There are several ways to choose a name for a baby, and young parents these days leave no stones unturned to have every option they can, be it numerology or consulting an astrologer. These methods are quite common in India, especially among the Hindu community. Selecting a name with the help of such processes can apparently shape your child's future and also personality. This would be applicable across all facets of life including friendship, business, marriage, health problems, business, etc.

Letters of the name have a major influence according to the ancient science of numerology. The first alphabet of your baby's name reveals much more information than one might actually suspect. The name may have a power to affect your personality and destiny. In fact, the starting letter of your child's name holds answers to many questions and says a lot about what all traits they will develop in their future. You must be thinking that there are a lot of people in the world with their names starting with the same letter. So, how can all these people have the same personality traits? Yes, it is kind of unlikely to happen. However, these traits are very basic and don't tell you everything about the person. But they do reveal a few qualities, which many people who share similar initials can have in common. Therefore, we have curated a list of alphabets and the traits that come along with them. This will help you get an idea about what letter your baby's name should start with. So, here is a general chart of the alphabets and their traits. Please use this chart only for reference.

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A, J, SCourage, Initiative, Leadership, Attainment.
B, K, TPeace, Partnership, Spirituality.
C, L, UImagination, Expression, Joy of Living, Creativity.
D, M, VConstruction, Order, Service, Limitation.
E, N,WSexuality, Constructive, Freedom, Progress, Knowledge.
F, O, XArtist, Balance, Responsibility, Love of Home.
G, P,YAnalysis, Understanding, Science, Meditation, Love of Solitude.
H, Q, ZJudgment, Material Satisfaction, Power, Organization.
I, RForgiveness, Selflessness, Perfection, Philanthropic and Divine Standards.

Note: Do not just select the name of your baby based on the alphabetical traits. You must also keep in mind the other aspects, astrology, and numerology. It is better not to over-analyze and mix the sciences together.

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