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Keep your child cool with these 5 healthy summer drinks this season

The hot summer days are here, and it is time to take extra precautions for your little ones. Our expert list a few healthy summer drinks that will keep your child cool this season.

Written by Editorial Team |Published : March 19, 2021 11:02 AM IST

Summer is here and there is nothing more important than hydration, especially for children, as they often tend to reach out for sugary drinks to beat the summer heat. Packaged fruit drinks and other carbonated drinks might seem like a good idea to cool down. However, artificial flavourings and other additives make it a fairly unhealthy option. Moreover, they are also associated with enhanced risk of illness such as diabetes. Parents can instead opt for the following five healthy drinks for their children during summer that are packed with nutrients and help the body to cool down.


Buttermilk acts as a saviour during hot summer days. It is extremely beneficial because it's made from yogurt and the drink acts a probiotic, filling up the gut with good bacteria. This helps with proper digestion of food, and keeps the digestive system healthy and free from digestion issues. A natural probiotic, buttermilk is a healthy potion for kids during summer.


Instead of opting for ready packets of lemonade, parents should just squeeze the juice from a lemon and blend it with water as well as mint leaves. Add sugar and salt accordingly and serve it with ice. This drink is absolutely refreshing and energizing, and acts as a perfect antidote to the sweltering summer heat. Lemon also has the potential to cleanse the body by removing toxins from it, and both mint and lemon aid in digestion.

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Coconut Water

Apart from being a low-calorie beverage, coconut water is packed with a lot of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that keep the body nourished and hydrated. It also helps to boost immunity and is an excellent thirst-quencher for children.

Mango Shakes

With the mango season just around the corner, parents should definitely opt for this drink. Mangoes are rich in potassium, vitamins, and fibers and a drink made out of it makes for the perfect summer recipe that is both kid-friendly and nourishing.

Fresh Watermelon Juice

While the fleshy red fruit is great to eat, slurping on its juice is equally delightful. The drink is packed with flavour and freshness, and it also helps to re-energize children after they have been out playing in the sun. Watermelon juice also holds detoxification properties that can be beneficial for children during the summer months.

But for hydration, water is the best summer drink, anytime, anywhere

In addition to all these natural drinks, it is extremely important that children have ample amounts of water as it is the best source of hydration. Summers are a time for children to enjoy their break from school and by helping them have access to healthier food and drink options, parents can be rest assured about their kids' health and wellness.

(This article is authored by Rohit Shelatkar, Fitness & Nutrition Expert and VP, Vitabiotics)

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