Is it ok to share your baby name with others?

Your baby name is a personal choice and whether you choose to disclose it before he or she is born or after the birth, the reactions are going to come.

Are you wondering whether to disclose the name which you chose for your baby to your friends and family? Read on to know a few things before you do so.

Once you get to know that you are expecting, the first thing you probably start planning about the baby is his or her name. Yes, it is undeniably one of the blissfully confusing parts of pregnancy. Selecting an ideal name for someone who you are bringing into this world is an extremely personal choice. It is natural to choose the name which tops your 'list of favourite baby names' and share it with people around you. It is also quite natural for your family members to question you about what name you're considering, and they tend to offer a lot of suggestions. Although such conversations with your friends and family can be a delight and you may be open to the initial brain storming sessions, the names presented by them may vary from your idea of the perfect one. This may cause a little disappointment to people when you don't really approve of a name referred by them. Your mother may come up with a traditional name which is very close to her heart. But you can't really tell her that you don't like it as much since it sounds a little old fashioned. Therefore, take a look at some important points before choosing your baby's name and deciding to share it with people.

Don't be too harsh

Keep in mind that your loved ones are waiting for your baby to arrive and amidst this if you don't opt for a name suggested by them for him or her then humbly explain your reason and ask for their support.

Be confident of the name

Have confidence in your choice of name. Avoid asking questions like 'do you like it? What do you think about the name?' etc. from people again and again. If you do this, most people won't just refrain from confusing you but will also keep their opinions to themselves.

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Ignore the negativity

Your baby name is a personal choice and whether you choose to disclose it before he or she is born or after the birth, the reactions are going to come. Be prepared for the negative comments as well. Yes, many people can be brutal and may give a reaction which stings but don't let it affect you, rather be calm and confident with your choice.

Don't let anything affect your excitement

It's one of the best moments of your life. No, we are not only talking about a baby's birth but also the naming process. Naming your baby can be a delightful procedure but what's even more beautiful is knowing that you have a name in your mind which is 'the one'. Therefore, don't be nervous and stay excited and you can even throw a baby naming party like many Indian households do.

Be patient with people

It's completely ok if your family or friends don't like the name of your baby. Remember they just dislike the name not the baby. If their earlier reaction hasn't been very positive give them some time to get used to it and be sure that they'll eventually start loving it.

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