Intestinal Worms Common In Kids; Deworming An Essential Step To Prevent Complications

Intestinal Worms Common In Kids; Deworming An Essential Step To Prevent Complications
Intestinal Worms Common In Kids; Deworming An Essential Step To Prevent Complications

Deworming the kid is important to get rid of intestinal worms that bother children at a young age. Read on to know the symptoms and how you can reduce the risk.

Written by Editorial Team |Updated : February 24, 2022 12:13 PM IST

Do you deworm your kid? No, then it is the need of the hour to do so. Deworming the kid can help control infections along with increasing the nutritional uptake. Thus, you will have to speak to the expert and deworm the kid right away to help him/her lead a healthy life. As parents, you need to know everything related to deworming. Read the below article and clear all your doubts regarding it. After all, when it comes to your little one, you cannot take things lightly.

Does your little one avoid eating food? Is your child constantly complaining of stomach aches and cannot concentrate on his studies or daily activities? Then, you need to seek immediate attention as this can be due to the presence of worms in the body.

Worms Common In Children

Are you aware? Worms are a common occurrence in children? Since mental and physical health and the safety of children is of prime importance, deworming is a good step. Worms are known as parasites that feed off one's body and do not go away unless you opt for any remedy. You will be shocked to know that several types of worms like tapeworms, roundworms, pinworms, and hookworms are found in one's body, and can lead to a plethora of health problems and infections as these worms keep on multiplying. Medicines or syrup can help your child deworm. It is imperative for parents to diagnose this problem with the help of an expert so that children can get that much-needed relief. You will have to deworm the child as per the expert's advice.

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Sources of worms:Contaminated food and water, having undercooked meat, poor hygiene, and playing in the mud or soil are some of the ways the worms enter the body.


Notice these symptoms that will indicate if your kid has worms or not:

If your child:

  • doesn't eat properly
  • has unbearable abdominal pain
  • has lost weight unintentionally
  • vomits
  • has rashes on the buttocks
  • has constipation or diarrhoea
  • urinates frequently, and
  • experiences fatigue

If your kid shows any of the above mentioned symptoms, then you need to consult the doctor for further treatment.

Benefits Of Deworming The Kid

It will help the kid boost his/her immunity that will offer protection from diseases, allergies and infections. The child will become proactive and will be able to concentrate on his/her daily activities. Deworming can help in enhancing the nutritional uptake and managing infections like anaemia.

Prevention Tips

Parents need to make sure that the kids wash their hands with soap and water after touching the pets or playing in the mud. Avoid contaminated food and water. Avoid eating undercooked meat and wash fruits and vegetables properly. Keep the surroundings clean, do not leave the food uncovered, avoid eating raw fruits and vegetables.

(The article is contributed by Vrushali Bichkar, Consultant Paediatrician and Neonatologist, Motherhood Hospital, Lullanagar, Pune)

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