How to tell your daughter is a 'diva' in making

Is your little girl shining with confidence? She might be a little diva in making.

I am sure you pride in your daughter for being a princess, like all little girls are touted to be. You dress her up in pastel colours, pink being the key one, and everything about her is frilly, glittery, sparkly and uber cute. But little do most parents realise that not all girls are cut out to be girly-girls. For all you know, your little girl is actually a diva in making. Wondering how can you know that? Look out for these signs:

  • You don t have to teach her the selfie tricks: Little girls who are actually divas understand the camera and being captured. She ll have her own poses and will master the selfie tricks with little to no help. Her pout will give most models a run for money.
  • She knows how to manage people: On the playground, she s usually in charge of all the other children playing there. A little diva I know would line up all other children in a queue near the slides, go up first herself, slide down and only then were the other children allowed to go up on the slide. They have the natural knack of getting people to listen to them and follow them.
  • She gets her way with her charm: Little girls are anyway the cutest thing ever, kittens coming a close second, but the divas are exceptionally equipped when it comes to being charming. They can be the most obedient, well-behaved children in the whole wide world when they want to, only to get in your good books and have you wrapped around their fingers.
  • She excels at most things: A part of being a diva is that you are good at doing whatever it is that you do. They have amazing concentration power when they really want to get something done. For other things that they don t really want to do, they couldn t care less.
  • She has aesthetic opinion about everything: Recently, when we were reading a book on sharks, my daughter looked at a page about their jaws and said that shark pictures with their mouths open should not be printed in a book. In her opinion, sharks pictures with their mouths shut close look much better and, in her own words, interesting. She has an opinion about colours, designs, patterns and just about everything. And that is how diva are. They want everything to be pleasing and beautiful.
  • You can t be smart with her: The number of times my daughter has told me to not be smart with her is not even funny. I can t goof with her, because she sees through it and will counter me with reasoning! There s just no winning when arguing with her.

Are you raising a diva too? How do you handle it, how do you tame that pint-sized shrew? Share your tips and tricks in the comments, please.

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