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How to pick a name for a baby girl?

How to pick a name for a baby girl?
A name should sound good in every stage of her life and she shouldn’t be embarrassed by it. Remember she will have to use the name in her resume too.

Looking for a beautiful name for your baby girl? Here are a few things to keep in mind before naming her.

Written by Sanyukta Baijal |Updated : May 26, 2020 4:27 PM IST

A birth of a baby girl brings mixed emotions tears and joy in a family. And apart from the essential preparations which you start making since a daughter is born, deciding a best name for her is one of the most important tasks. The name will shape her personality and may also influence what she may want to become when she grows up. Therefore, while deciding a name it is important to consider certain parameters like uniqueness, cuteness, tradition, popularity, etc. Before you prepare a list of suitable names for your girl child, keep these things in mind -

Don't make it sound too cute

When you are trying to decide a name for your baby especially a girl, it is likely that you will be tempted by cute and cuddly names. But don't get carried away by the cuteness of the name as it will be suitable only in her childhood. A name should sound good in every stage of her life and she shouldn't be embarrassed by it. Remember she will have to use the name in her resume too. Names like Bobby, Rinkle, Binni are some of the examples which may sound cute on a little girl but not on a grown-up woman.

Avoid common alphabets

Most people have their names starting with S and A. So, in case you are looking for a unique name for your baby girl you can also try choosing uncommon alphabets like Y, O or L. However, this doesn't apply in case you decide to take the numerology or an astrology route because there, the first letter is already based on your date of birth.

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Is naming after goddesses a good idea?

When it comes to naming a girl child, many couples choose names of goddesses to keep it traditional. However, sometimes in such cases the names may sound old fashioned. Therefore, try picking the synonyms of an old school name to make it modern. For example, Lakshmi may seem like a previous generation name but if you still want to name your child after the goddess of prosperity, try choosing a new-age name with the similar meaning like Shreya or Radhya.

Don't go super weird

Parents who want to pick unique names for their daughter end up choosing a rather embarrassing and odd-sounding name. Therefore, don't just select a name because it's unique, instead opt for a name which has an interesting meaning, and which doesn't sound weird. For instance, the famous personality and Telsa CEO, Elon Musk recently named his baby X AE A-Xii which is pronounced as Ash. Names like these may not only be weird but may sound confusing too.

Choose safe names but not too popular ones

If you wish to play it safe by opting for a common name, don't end up picking a name which is too popular like Neha, or Pooja. These names may sound wonderful but have been used so many times. Many couples also decide to name their babies on celebs considering the popularity of the names, but they may sound repetitive and already heard of. So, try to pick a name which gives your girl her own unique identity.

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