Here’s how to choose the best name for your baby

Here’s how to choose the best name for your baby
The meaning of a name can actually influence your child’s personality. @Shutterstock

Deciding a perfect name for your little munchkin can be quite a task. Don't worry we are here to help you. Take a look at these various ways which will help you choose an appropriate name.

Written by Sanyukta Baijal |Updated : April 25, 2020 10:32 PM IST

Would it sound very traditional? Would it sync with our last name? Should we give a meaningful name? These are a few questions which pop up in almost every new parents' head while deciding the name of their little one. But a name is much more than just someone's identity. Believe it or not the meaning of a name can actually influence your child's personality. Yes, it is true! There are a lot of new and old ways to pick your munchkin's name and we are going to help you make this daunting task fun. No, we aren't suggesting a list of names you can choose from (which we're sure you already have made it). It's to help you ease out from your confusion and let you zero in on one name.

You can pick some from mythology

Mythological names have always been in trend. Many people are named after various gods and goddesses with a belief that the name will add certain virtues of that particular god. For example, people give their kids names synonymous with lord Krishna keeping in mind his playful personality. Not just in India, this practice of using mythological names is popular in many other countries as well.

Numerology can be considered

Numerology is an ancient science of numbers which has become very popular these days especially when it comes to naming a baby. It lets you choose a lucky name for your kid by studying the numbers of his/her birth dates and time. Today, many people are also changing their names after consulting a numerologist.

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Birth time and zodiac sign plays an important role

The date and time of your baby's birth can have a lot of significance in his/her life. The alignment of the stars when your child was born can decide his or her name. In Hinduism, a janam kundali is prepared soon after the birth of a child based on the time of birth, place and date. Here the astrologer also suggests the first letter of the child's name. Parents may also decide their babies' name based on this suggestion.

Short names are so in

Many modern couples are switching to short and unique names for their kids. Such names are considered as classy and smart these days. Plus, they are easy to remember and spell too.

A long name is unique

Even though long names are becoming outdated, they were considered unique for the longest time. Nowadays, people don't prefer their kids to have names with complicated pronunciations and spellings. Still if you are looking for a name which is long and unheard off, you may go ahead with it. But then make sure to pick a nick name too.

Popular names are always in trend

There are still some people who are fine with giving their child a popular name just because it is in trend. People also love naming their babies after their favourite celebrities or influencers who they admire. The best place to look for such names is Google.

How about giving a meaningful name?

Indian names are usually preferred mainly because they have some meanings. But what is the main result behind giving a meaningful name? Well, it is said that it can influence a person's personality. Therefore, it gets even more important to think carefully while picking a name.

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