Follow these 5 tips to decide baby names for your twins

You have twins who are connected to each other by birth. So, if you want their names to have a connection forever too then try picking names with the same meanings.

Naming twins can be delightfully confusing. Read on to know the guidelines for choosing perfect baby names for your little munchkins.

Having babies is a blessing and if you have had twins then it calls for a double celebration and congratulations. Now you'll have to plan everything in pairs, even their names. Yes, naming a baby can be quite a daunting task. But when you have to think of naming two kids together, it gets even more difficult to pick the right names. Many people get confused in such cases and just choose any name which comes to their mind without doing much research. To help you avoid this, we've enlisted a few guidelines which will help you keep some important points in mind when naming your little bundles of joy.

Avoid rhyming names

Your little ones are individuals too and even though they were born together, they have their own identities. Even if they look alike, their habits, skills and behaviors may differ. Therefore, when it comes to naming twins, you need to take into account their individual personalities. Avoid rhyming names. Just because they sound similar doesn't necessarily mean they are fit for your babies. Rather, gift your babies unusual names which reflect their individuality. For example, avoid names like Twinkle, Rinkle or Arun, Tarun which have been overdone.

Choose names with similar meaning

You have twins who are connected to each other by birth. So, if you want their names to have a connection forever too then try picking names with the same meanings. Names which have similar meanings is a great way to link the two babies without making it too evident. Try choosing a name with a meaning which symbolizes something important in your and your babies' lives. Then search for another name with a similar meaning. For example, Hriday and Mann: Both mean 'heart'.

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Keep up with the trends

If you wish to play safe, try names which are popular these days. You can also check out celebs who have twins and what names they have chosen for their little ones. One popular trend is selecting names with the same alphabet. For example, Aisha and Alia, Dhruv and Darsh. These names are trendy and popular too.

Names should sound good together

Once you have shortlisted a few names, check how they sound together by speaking and listening to it again and again. If it sounds good, all is well. But if your stumble, then you must consider a few other names. This is because you will be calling the kids' names together quite a lot. Therefore, they should be rhythmically easy to pronounce.

Try anagrams

Anagram names are a creative way of using the same letters and exploring different names by mixing the letters. For example, Ayan and Anay. It is a fun yet intelligent way of naming twins which is becoming popular. In case you want your babies to have letters from your and your partner's name's, then it may also be a great idea. Like, for instance, if your name is Shamita and your partner is Miraj then your twin daughters can be named Shamira and Misha.

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