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Elon Musk names his son X AE A-12: Here’s how to pick an unusual name for your baby

Elon Musk names his son X AE A-12: Here’s how to pick an unusual name for your baby
According to Musk, his boy’s name is to be pronounced as “X Ash A 12”, where X is just “X” and the A-12 is just “A 12.”

Tesla founder Elon Musk named his newborn son X AE A-12 (pronounced as Ash). If you also want an unusual name for your baby, these tips may help.

Written by Sanyukta Baijal |Updated : May 10, 2020 7:50 PM IST

Twitteratis went berserk when Telsa founder Elon Musk named his newborn son X AE A-12. If you are confused and not able to pronounce it, you are not alone. A lot of people are baffled over the baby's name so much so that they have taken to social media to create memes on it. Elon Musk and his girlfriend Claire Grimes Boucher decided on the name because they wanted an unusual name for their first child. According to Musk, his boy's name is to be pronounced as "X Ash A 12", where X is just "X" and the A-12 is just "A 12." Musk also said that it was majorly Grimes' idea to give their baby the unusual name. The name is not that complicated as it was thought earlier, but would you pick such a name for your child?

If you're also planning to give an unusual name for your child, take your time in researching and keep these few things in mind while choosing the name.

Think properly

The name which you decide for your baby is extremely important and it shouldn't be selected without thinking properly. Many sociologists and experts believe that a name can influence your baby's personality and deeply impact his or her life as well. Therefore, think about a few questions like - Is it going with the surname? Is it too unusual that it sounds weird? Is it too difficult to pronounce?

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Don't rush to decide a name

There is no need to rush into a decision. At times parents want unique names so desperately that they go for the very first unusual name which they hear and regret it later when they find better names. Therefore, even if you like a name, just wait and go through some more names before you zero in on the final one.

Say it out loud and test

Being a parent you will be using your little one's name the most. Therefore, it is very crucial for you to decide how it sounds. Try calling the name loudly twice or thrice, even add the surname along with the name and then call. Now see whether it sounds suitable for the baby or not. You would not want it to sound weird as many times the first and the last name do not match. A unique name does not mean that you choose something which is difficult to pronounce or understand.

It should make sense

Just because it is unique and sounds good doesn't mean that you should choose it without knowing the meanings. At times really good sounding and stylish names have weird meanings. Also do not choose a name just because your favourite actor is named so. Your child is unique and will grow up to create his or her own identity. So, always choose a name with a meaning that will add value to his character and personality. Otherwise your child may feel embarrassed by the meaning of the name.

Don't go too over-the-top while selecting an unusual name

It is good that you are looking for an unusual name but try not to get carried away and select a tongue twister. Make sure the name is as elegant as unique and it sounds suitable for your baby. He or she will grow with that name for the rest of life. Therefore, your child shouldn't be made fun of during his school and work-life just because of a 'unique' name. For example, avoid adding numbers in the name like Elon Musk did in his child's name. Also names like Gunayaukta can get a little too over-the-top, so you may want to skip these really unusual ones.

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