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Easy way to create a unique baby name: Combine your and your partner’s names

Easy way to create a unique baby name: Combine your and your partner’s names
The last name of the mother can be used as a first name of the baby boy.

Are you struggling to choose a suitable name for your baby? Try creating one by mixing both the mother and the father's names.

Written by Sanyukta Baijal |Updated : April 25, 2020 10:29 PM IST

Once the baby is born, the next big step for parents is to decide a name which suits him/her. This surely can be a tough and a bit confusing task with your close friends and relatives already having a list of suggestions ready with them. But you have to choose a name wisely as this is something which your child will carry for the rest of his life. Some couples prefer modern names for the babies considering the current trends while others stick to the mythological names. A popular trend followed by many parents nowadays is creating the baby's name by combining their names. By doing so some parents believe that their child will have both the father and mother's traits. We don't know how far it's true. But this can be an easy way to create a unique, modern and meaningful name for your child.

You can play with the characters in the two names (you and your partner's) until you find the best one that suits your baby. You can use the first part of the names and merge them into one. For example, if the parents' names are Shashank and Mitasha, Misha can be a perfect name for your baby girl.

Different ways to combine two names to create one

Keep in mind the gender of the baby while merging words or names. Before you look for a baby name, you need to decide certain things first. These include - How many syllables would you like the name to have? Do you want a traditional name or a modern one? Whether you want a name that's easy to spell and say? Well, don't be confused we have got your back. Just try a letter game with various combinations or follow these simple guidelines to create a perfect name for your baby

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Try combining father's name with a letter from mother's name and try to mingle up the syllables from both the parents. For example, by exchanging the syllables of the names like Rishi and Bharti, you can create names like Rishabh, Arti, Ishi and more.

You can even use the last name of the mother as the middle name of the baby which can be gender neutral and can work for both.

The last name of the mother can also be used as a first name of the baby boy.

If long names are not your choice, then shorten them up. Example, Aderson can be created from Ander and Jameson. Or you can simply take out James for a boy and make it Jamie for a girl.

You can even use a part of either parent's name, then customize it. For instance, if your name is Ishita, you can name your baby girl Ishi and Ishan if your child is a boy.

A name is a person's identity. So, if the combination trick doesn't lead to a good name for your baby, don't force yourself to keep a name that doesn't make any sense at all. Remember that your sole purpose is to give your child a good name and not to create something out of two names

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