Do infants need sunscreen?

Don't buy a sunscreen for your baby without reading this.

Are you in the market for a sunscreen? Many cosmetic companies claim their lotions and creams can protect infants from heat rashes, allergies and sun-tan.

But are they safe for your little one?

The safest way to protect your infant from the harsh rays of the sun is to keep him under a shade, an umbrella or indoors from 10 am to 4 pm when the sun is at its peak. However, in case you need to take your little one out in the sun, dress him in cotton full sleeves and pants. Don t forget to use a hat. It is better to stay away from chemicals and creams because you can t predict how it will affect your baby s skin. If you still feel like applying a sunscreen on your baby, don t slather the one you use on your skin. Buy a hypoallergenic sunscreen that is meant for kids. If possible, try to avoid using creams and lotions till your child is at least nine months old. You could also try some of these summer care tips to keep your child cool this summer.

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How to pick the right sunscreen?

Read the ingredients on the label and check for the expiry date. Look for the ones that have zinc oxide or titanium dioxide present in them. These ingredients block the sun s rays and settle on the skin, unlike some chemicals that may be absorbed and trigger an allergic reaction. However, before picking a sunscreen talk to your paediatrician. Here are 10 things you should not buy for your little one ever.

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