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5 causes for diaper rashes in babies

All you need to know about diaper rashes in babies

Written by Debjani Arora |Updated : November 12, 2015 6:00 PM IST

baby nappy

Does your baby's nappy area look red, irritated?

Do your baby's privates seem puffy and warm when you touch?

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Do you notice prickly red spots or tender red bumps in the diaper area?

If you have answered a 'yes' to either one or all of the above questions, then your baby is probably suffering from a diaper rash. Diaper rashes can be mild or severe. They can station themselves at one spot in the nappy area or travel all along the entire diaper area and even reach out to the thighs or the tummy too.

Know the culprits:

Know what causes diaper rashes and try to keep your baby away from them:

A soiled diaper: Even the most absorbent ones will leave moisture on the surface that would come in contact with your baby's skin. Bacteria from stool can mix with the urine and break down and form ammonia which could be harsh on baby's skin. Hence the rashes.

Chemical sensitivity: Wish there were organic diapers too. But that's a distant dream. For now even the best ones you use has traces of chemicals in it. And a rash can be the outcome of your baby's sensitive skin being rubbed against the diaper.

Your baby's diet: Even some foods can add to the agony of diaper rashes, especially if your baby is allergic to one. New foods change the stool composition and can again react with the urine. More reasons why your baby needs diaper change frequently. Know how to treat food allergy in children.

Limited air circulation: The diaper area is warm and moist perfect for bacteria and yeast to thrive. A too tight diaper or even a fitting one just sets the stage for bacteria and yeast to flourish, especially in the cracks and folds of your child's skin. Some children also develop thrush, an oral infection, due to yeast intrusion in the diaper area.

Medications and antibiotics: Children on antibiotics stand a greater chance to suffer from diaper rashes. This is also true for mothers who are breastfeeding and are on antibiotics. These medications can also cause diarrhoea and add to the existing diaper dilemmas. Read more to know how to deal with your baby's diarrhoea.

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