Choose your baby's name with care as it can affect his personality

Some people believe that the meaning of a baby’s name may greatly determine their personality. This concept is almost similar to ‘power of positive thinking’ where we are not just calling a person’s name but addressing him by its meaning.© Shutterstock

Choosing a name for your baby? Read on to know how a name can affect your baby's personality, his appearance and also behaviour.

Parents spend a lot of time deciding on the perfect name for their little one. Some seek a unique name that distinguishes their child while others choose a name that is specifically feminine or masculine. At times, parents may also name their kid after a loved one. But little do people realize that a person's name is associated with a number of characteristics that he may develop as he grows up. Apparently, even in 2,000 BC, many people believed that names do affect a baby's personality. However, scientific evidences of the same are relatively new. Some studies have found that there is an unusual link between name and personality of a person. Surprisingly, according to some researchers, people whose name starts or end with similar letters share similar personality traits.

Numerology and the power of positive thinking

There is a meaning hidden behind every big or small word we use on a daily basis and names are not an exception. Some people believe that the meaning of a baby's name may greatly determine their personality. This concept is almost similar to 'power of positive thinking' where we are not just calling a person's name but addressing him by its meaning. This may be one of the reasons why many people choose their baby's names according to numerology. It is said that a numerological name, which is relatively compatible with the names of both the parents, improves the chances of harmony especially in growing years.

What your name says about you

Some studies have revealed that people have certain common perceptions of how a person with a particular name would look like. This shows that we have an idea of what is the "correct" name for a certain face. This study also reveals that your name influences your physical characteristics as well. People with specific names can actually develop a certain appearance by adopting what they think to be expected behaviour, facial expressions, looks, posture, walk, etc.

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For example, if you are a woman named Lily, people would expect you to act in a more feminine manner. You may smile in a certain way or speak softly. Going by your name, people may perceive you as kind-hearted, easy-going and sweet. However, if you are a woman with a

unisex name, you may be more outgoing, assertive and free-spirited. These traits may also affect your decisions of what subjects you choose in your school, what hobbies you are taking up and what career you want to pursue.

Some studies have found that your name can actually have an impact on your grades in school, what profession you choose, even where you live and who you marry. Now, that's some interesting research.

We as humans tend to get affected by people's expectations on how they perceive our names. And based on them, we subconsciously try to live up to the expectations, which later frames our personality.

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