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5 tips to prevent diaper rashes

Tips to deal with diaper rashes in babies

Written by Debjani Arora |Updated : July 16, 2015 12:54 AM IST

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Diaper rashes in babies can be painful and bothersome. Try these tricks to deal with your baby's diaper rashes:

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Keep your baby's bottoms clean and dry: Offer a change of diaper frequently, one in every three hours would be ideal. Even during the night. Clean your baby's privates thoroughly during every change and pat dry. Do not rub the privates vigorously. Remember to sanitize your own hands before and after every change. Know about other ways to keep your newborn clean.

Choose products wisely: Chuck the diapers which promise better fragrance or are perfumed. They are bound to be loaded with chemicals. Also keep away from wipes that are dabbed in alcohol or have other sweet smells. Rinse your baby's bottom with warm water or a wet cloth. If you use cotton nappies make sure you wash them thoroughly so there are no remains of harsh detergents. Learn more about the dangerous of over the counter baby products.

Go easy while weaning: Introduce one food at a time and wait to see if it causes rashes anywhere in your baby's body, including the diaper area. If it does, do the obvious. Take that food off the plate for a while. Breastfeed your child as long as you can even after introducing solids, as it ups immunity and helps to reduce the chances of rashes. Know how breastfeeding helps your baby to stay healthy.

Check on the diapers: Do not fasten the diaper too tightly. Buy a pack that's right for your baby's age and weight. This will ensure better air circulation and fit well. Try few brands before you end up with the best one. Try and keep your baby off diapers whenever possible. Allow him to sleep bare bottom with a plastic cover over your mattress at times.

Soothe the privates: Choose ointments or powders that are intended for babies and apply either of them to protect the diaper area from rashes. The ointments act as a protective layer between your baby's skin and the diaper. The powder would help keep the surface dry. Remember to use only one product at a time. You can alternate between an ointment and powder during each change. Do not apply the powder directly on the area. Pat powder between your palms and gently on the same over your baby's genitals. Again while choosing the products choose that are herbal and don't boost about fragrance and smells.

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