If Your Child Is Becoming Impulsive, Disruptive And Inattentive, Seek Help: This Could Be ADHD

ADHD (Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder) could result in behavioral, social, emotional and academic problems.

Have you ever felt that your child has been behaving a bit hyperactive and finds difficulty in sitting in a single place at a time? To run around and stay disruptive is a normal part of a child's life. However, things take a turn when this hyperactivity and restlessness occurs often and interferes with a child's behavior and their daily life. Maybe you would have thought that your child's inattentiveness is something that shouldn't be really bothered for their age.

When these things get out of our hand, it is then we have to realize that this could also be ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). This is something that should be taken care of in childhood itself or it might follow them through their adulthood too. ADHD is not some mental illness or disease as it seems to be. It is a neurodevelopmental disorder and is associated with the neural pathways in the functioning of the brain.

In simple terms it is a condition which makes it difficult to control their own behavior. It could result in behavioral, social, emotional and academic problems. Commonly ADHD occurs between an average age of 5 7 years old. Normally the symptoms of ADHD are accompanied with Inattentiveness, impulsivity and Hyperactivity.

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The cause of ADHD in children is mostly on a hereditary basis, i.e. it is caused through parents if they had a history of ADHD in the past and is accompanied by various factors such as biological, environmental and prenatal substance exposure which means alcohol or drug use during pregnancy. ADHD is treatable but if it is left untreated, it makes life harder for those who are suffering with it and adds up to their day-to-day struggles in life like depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, sleeping difficulty and relationship problems.

What to do if your child is diagnosed with ADHD?

When a child requires normal attention, children with ADHD require special attention. They find difficulty in figuring out things that benefit them compared to another child. Parents play a vital role in the development of the child, and it is their responsibility to help their child to come out of ADHD. It is really important for parents to seek help for their child when they find their child is diagnosed with ADHD. Primarily they must visit their child's pediatrician if they observe their child behaving in an odd way for a long period of time.

It is first and foremost important for parents to educate themselves with the behaviors that would help them in assisting their child as kids with ADHD need better parenting to come out of their struggles. There are several treatments such as behavioral modification, which helps in analyzing the appropriate behaviors in children and parenting that will strengthen and modify the child's behavior.

Creating manageable tasks for the kids, creating flexible rules and brownies for good behavior activities are some that would instill positive reinforcement into the child on a better understanding. Regulating sleep patterns and internalized counseling helps to calm down the rushing kid and shapes them to be a better person. Though ADHD seems to be a long-term condition, it can be overcome with positive encouragement and good parenting.

The article is contributed by Amit Gupta, Senior Consultant Paediatrician & Neonatologist, Motherhood Hospital, Noida.

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