How Can Graphology Be An Effective Tool For Positive Parenting?

Graphology can be pretty helpful for positive parenting and gauging a child's development level.

Even in the age of computers and typewritten words, students tend to write much more by hand than an average working professional would. But, speaking to Graphologist Sudhir Kove explains as children's personalities develop, they also begin to reflect in a child's handwriting. Graphology, the study and analysis of writing, can be applied in parenting to understand a child better. Each sample of the script is unique, like a thumbprint. Graphology is about symbology, which helps decode the writer's psyche via the symbolic formations your mind is making on the paper. Therefore, it's not wrong to say that your child's notebooks hold the key to their subconscious mind.

Graphology And Positive Parenting

Graphology can be pretty helpful for positive parenting and gauging a child's development level. It can aid in detecting learning disabilities like dyslexia early and warn parents of any possible emotional or physical issues a child may have. While it's normal for a child's handwriting to change till their teen years, extreme changes such as a change in slant or writing too small letters can point to adverse changes in the emotional pattern of a child, indicating possible signs of discomfort, bullying and sexual abuse.

The Strokes And Slants

  • A completely backwards slant shows a propensity to be highly reclusive, insecure, and self-centred, while a right slant that is excessively angular say, 45 degrees could indicate a child who is too emotional and prone to overreacting. Similarly, if your child's strokes bleed onto the backside of a page, they are likely writing with pressure. But, again, that could mean your child is feeling intense emotion.

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  • It is helpful for parents and teachers to identify such changes and use additional tools, like non-threatening questions and observation of their interactions in social settings, to probe further. This is required to withdraw your child from certain situations and channel their energy and emotion into a new hobby or sport.

Can Graphology Help A Child?

  • Knowledge of graphology can help program a child, for instance, instil leadership qualities, courage, clarity, sympathy and empathy, maturity, comprehension, structured planning and creativity. In addition, teaching a child to write in straight lines, even on a blank paper without baselines, can instil discipline and focus in them, making it useful for other areas in their life too.
  • It can also help determine the role of the father and mother's touch for a child and how much a child needs it. To maximise a child's potential and train them to be a better human beings, principles of graphology can be helpful in child development.


Children, primarily writing by hand instead of typing on a keypad or keyboard, will engage their minds more and mould their personalities. Thus, attention to detail is typical while a child learns to write. A new Norwegian study suggests that writing by hand improves children's learning capacity. The essay engages all hand muscles and enables the brain to encode further information as more areas in the brain get activated while writing by hand.

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