Child not eating lunch at school? Could be one of these reasons!

Wondering why your child refuses to eat food from her lunchbox? Here's the answer!

Has your child been bringing her lunchbox home intact, without taking even a bite, not even touching what you laboured over to pack in the morning? Well, you are not alone. A child who eats is a stroke of luck, and I know all you parents out there are nodding their heads in approval. There can be many reasons why your child returns home with a full lunchbox, and I got some real parents to share the reasons. Also, I'll suggest a few ways to get your child interested in eating. So here goes.

Reasons your child is not eating lunch at school

Runs away to play: The recess or lunch break is usually 20 to 30 minutes, and most children prefer to spend that time playing. And can you blame them? After hours of studying and writing, even you would want to run out to the school play area or simply run around to get your limbs moving. However, this means that the child neglects his lunch box in lieu of playing.

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Not the right food: A lot of kids do not prefer eating roti with gravy at school. Finger foods or rolled chapatis is a good option as kids can have it on the go. Also, kids prefer eating dry foods at school, like kebabs, cheese cubes or sticks, etc.

Being bullied: One serious reason why your child may not be eating her lunch is being bullied. Also, the bully might be eating her lunch box, leaving her hungry. If that is the case, you need to speak to your child and also to the school authorities.

How to get your child interested in her lunch box

There are a few ways in which you can get your child to eat her lunch box. No, I do not mean packing junk food or bribing her, but a few tricks by which you can make her eat nutritious food and be happy about it.

1. Involve her in the whole meal process. From buying produce to cutting, chopping and cooking, involve your child in the whole process. Take her along when you go out to buy groceries and tell her why you buy a specific thing. Ask her if she wants to get anything in particular.

2. Plan your meals with your child. You can browse recipes together and then go out to buy all the ingredients. You can also look for recipes in which your child can help you cook. A child is more likely to eat food that they think they prepared.

3. For younger children or pre-schoolers you can present the food in a fun way. Cut a jam sandwich to look like a cat or bear. You can cut disks of carrot to look like flowers. Be creative and your child will surely be interested.

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